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Wake Up Eager Podcast   |   Wednesday Tips

Self Confidence Tip: Things Come Around...Finding Hope in Tomorrow

by John
(Iowa City, IA, USA)

The most difficult thing about facing tough times is the uncertainty about what tomorrow will bring.

Economic troubles are notorious for this type of worrying. How will I pay my bills? Will I have enough to save for the future?

I’ve known people who immersed themselves in those very feelings, unable to see past their own grief. Instead of looking forward to the future they could only live in the despair of the moment.

However, many of those same people can take confidence in the one thing they have left: hope.

Despite the circumstances they find themselves in, they can know it won’t last forever. Each life experiences its ups and downs and it is the challenges that make us stronger, more resilient.

No matter what circumstances you find yourself in, take heart; they won’t last forever.

So here's my advice, do everything you can to find a glimmer of hope; then do all that you can to hold onto it, it will build, it will! Instead of allowing yourself to wallow in the desperation of the moment, look ahead to the future and the opportunities, no matter how hidden, that the challenges of the moment present to you.

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