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Self Confidence Tip: Vision Board & Reflection

by Allyson Grimsley
(Centreville, VA, USA)

I encourage everyone to create a "vision board."
It's a wonderful boost of confidence when you start seeing what you are working for start happening. A vision board is where you put pictures of your goals, short and long term.

I believe it is a great boost in confidence to tell yourself that anything can be accomplished if you envision it and work hard for it.

It is not impossible to get the things you want in life, whether it be love, success or even just friendship. If you can tell yourself that anything can be accomplished, have a positive outlook in life and set goals along the way, you can keep your spirits high even in times of setbacks.

REFLECTION: It is also confidence boosting to unwind at the end of the day and think about one or two things that you did really well that day, whether it be as simple as getting to work early or cooking a great meal for your family.

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