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How to Boost Self Confidence:
Life is Not a One Day Game.

by Jay

Dear Friend, Setbacks in life are common and every human goes through it sometimes in his life.

This is the real test time in one's life. There is a saying "As the going gets tough the tough gets going."


But I know it is difficult to cope up with the difficulties of a setback.

Remember tough times do not last but tough people do.

Say to yourself that you are tough. You will not be broken by this setback.

You will fight or at least hold on. There will be one day when you will have the very best of times than this day.

Accept that setbacks and failures are part of life.

We are part of this nature and all natural processes go through different phases but nature survives. You have to train yourself to be stoic as far as possible.

When you are in a difficult time, just talk to your good friends. A talk with them will comfort you and you may even get a help or at least a good idea or alternate ways to overcome your difficulties.

See I have gone through the worst of times in my life and today a happy man. You too will be. Best of luck. Jay

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