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Hire Superior Performers With These Hiring Tips and Management Interview Questions...

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You need the right management interview questions AND you need to know how to best conduct an interview, if you want to hire superior performers.

Use these detailed articles, and my interview resources tools, found in the links below, to improve your chances of hiring good employees and getting superior performance.

These articles and resources tools provide solutions to the Top 13 Errors Most Hiring Managers Make, as shared in my free online quiz, found here.

Hiring Book for Interviewers - Includes: 70 Optional Email Tips for Reinforcement:

  • NEW Book & Daily Email Tips Program: How to Hire Superior Performers: 70 Best Practices, Strategies and Tips for Interviewers.
    It takes TIME and EFFORT to develop strong sales and the right management interview questions, great skills and best practices.  And, I know that TIME and EFFORT can be in short supply for busy, time-pressed professionals like yourself. That's why I am thrilled to make these Hiring Best Practices Tips available to you to help you master the WUE Evaluate job Fit Habit!  Get all the best management interview question, 12 downloadable worksheets and more to help you hire right every time!

Hiring Process and Assessment Articles:

  • Hiring Process Wisdom: Use the Right Map - So You Don't Get Lost
    Who knew I would find hiring process insight on a sunny fall weekend morning in the North Georgia Mountains, but I did.  We almost went off the mountain.  See our mistakes and how they relate to hiring.
  • Job Fit Article: Motivating Employees Is Impossible IF This Is Missing...
    Programs for motivating employees, like employee development, opinion surveys, goal setting and team retreats, don't work if this very BIG and important "thing" is missing. IN this article I explain what JOB FIT is, and review the four essential areas of it.

Three Conducting Successful Job
Interviews Resources for You...

Interview Questions and Tip Articles:

  • VIDEO Article: The Three Biggest Interview Mistakes Leaders Make
    I share the three biggest interview mistakes leaders make when hiring, and provide suggestions for improvement in this 4 minute video. They are easy to identify and pretty easy to correct.
  • More Free Management Interview Questions Tips: Matching DISC Communication Styles to The Job
    DISC Style is ONLY ONE area to consider when hiring. I REALLY DO NOT want you to over-use the free interview tips in this Article, but Style Match between your Candidate IS something you want to consider. Think about your Job Opening. Review these 'DISC on the Job Style Descriptors, and look for Candidates that have a similar Style.
  • Management Interview Questions Resource Article: Three Steps to the Best Interview Questions & Predicting the Future
    The best interview questions would be the ones that, like a fortune teller, could help you predict a candidate's future work performance. You could find a good fortune teller and add her to the interview team. But, there IS a better way to predict the future...

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