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Important Employee Engagement Strategy:
Match Job Rewards to Employee Motivators,  
Here’s How…

The best employee engagement strategy is to match what the job rewards with an employee’s top motivators and interests.  Here's how a two step process with five employer interview questions.

This employee engagement strategy makes so much sense that once you understand it you will always use it.  The concept is simple - match what the job rewards to an employee's top motivators. Before I show you how to do this - in a simple two step process - let's review what happens when you have a job reward/employee motivator mismatch:

Back in January 2001 I was teaching and facilitating classes on a contract basis for an international consulting company. I was good at it and I loved it!

One day a Company Executive pulled me aside, "Hey, we'd like to talk to you about a full-time sales position."  My initial reaction, in my gut, to this suggestion was strong and negative – I was not interested.  But what did I say that day in response?  Faking my interest I said, "Oh, really?" 

Complimented by the fact that they were approaching me - I interviewed for the position. During the interview I learned about the great salary and possible commissions. Even though I loved facilitating I got caught up in 'winning' the interview and the job. 

I told them everything they wanted to hear and what I had convinced myself I thought.

And guess what? I won. I got the job. One year into this full-time sales role the newness had worn off even after I had closed several good-sized deals and was given feedback that I was doing a good job. I wanted to love my job in sales, so I was disciplined about my work.  But my energy was low and pretty soon I was just going through the motions.  I wondered, “What’s wrong with me?”

Motivation Problems & Employee Engagement Strategy Answers

Today I know what the problem was. It’s something I see often when debriefing assessment results for someone who's struggling in the job and it's part of the Hiring Process I teach in my book and workshops. The problem was that my motivators did NOT match what the job rewarded.

The best employee engagement strategy is to match what the job rewards with an employee’s top motivators and interests.  Here's how a two step process with five employer interview questions.

While I had the background, experience and communication style to do the job of consulting sales, the job best rewarded those whose number one motivator/driver was Utilitarian/Economic (as measured in the Superior Performance Hiring Assessment Process).

The Utilitarian/Economic motivator is a drive and passion for business results. Studies tell us that 72% of all top sales people have this motivator as their number one motivator.

My number one motivator, however,  is Theoretical/Knowledge. This is a drive and motivation for continuous learning and sharing of knowledge. In addition, I score far above population mean in this area - which indicates that spending time every day teaching, facilitating and learning are work activities that are VERY important to my long term energy and motivation on the job. (No wonder I was so happy BEFORE I took the full-time sales position! My instincts were right on. A full-time sales position was not a good fit, but my competitive nature got in the way.)

Your top motivators represent what you are most interested in, motivated by and what you feel compelled to do.  It's what you naturally want to do five days a week.

A Key Employee Engagement Strategy Truth: 
Every job rewards different motivators.
If a person’s natural motivators and interests are not a match
to what the job rewards, even if they have the skills and
ability to do the job, it will oftentimes result in
low commitment, energy, productivity and interest.

Get Two Steps and Five Interview Questions for Determining
Job Reward and Employee Motivator Match,

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