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Three Biggest Interview Mistakes Leaders Make

I share the three biggest interview mistakes leaders make when hiring, and provide suggestions for improvement in this 4 minute video. They are easy to identify and pretty easy to correct.

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Three Biggest Interview And Hiring Mistakes:

biggest interview mistakes

The three biggest mistakes leaders make are easily remembered with the acronym of: A.A.A.

The idea being that if you do these when you're interviewing you're probably gonna end up on the side of the road!

  • #1 - Assumptions and Bias
  • #2 - Amplified Focus on Background and Experience
  • #3 - All Talk, No Listen

Solutions to the Three Mistakes:

I share the three biggest interview mistakes leaders make when interviewing in this short VIDEO. Tips for how to conduct an interview and so you hire superior performers.

So you don't end up on the side of the road - when interviewing and hiring - here's solutions and resources for the three biggest interview mistakes:

  • Increase your awareness around the problem of bias in interviews and pay attention to your own biases when meeting candidates. Using competency-based, behavioral interviewing questions - will help you focus on what the job needs, and help you avoid Mistake #1: Assumptions and Bias.
  • When you focus all of your attention on a candidate’s background, style in the interview and their resume you miss an opportunity to figure out how well this person follows directions or whether s/he can work well with others.   Focus on intangibles, as much as experience, (maybe even more than...) when interviewing to avoid Mistake #2: Amplified Focus on Background and Experience. (I show you how to focus on intangibles that are important to the job, like: Self-Management, Personal Accountability, Job Ethic & Teamwork in my book, workshops and eclass.)  
  • Recall a recent interview you had with a candidate. Think back about how much you talked, as compared to the percentage of time the candidate talked.  Did the candidate get 75 to 80% of the 'interview air time?'  If not, it is time to change the equation.
    Make sure the Candidate talks 80% of the time - at least in the first few interviews. You should be talking 20%, if you want to avoid Mistake #3: All Talk, No Listen.

Three Conducting Successful Job
Interviews Resources for You...

biggest interview mistakes

Go the Secret to Superior Performance Page for a free quiz (rate yourself on the top 13 interview mistakes), detailed articles, information about my in-person workshops and my three step Superior Performance Assessment Process.  Check it all out here.

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