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Matching DISC Communication Styles to The Job

finding the right match - free interview tips

In my other free interview tips Articles I write about the importance of creating a Performance Dashboard and about making sure you don't hire someone just because they're just like you.

All of these Articles are focused on helping you get REALLY good at this Wake Up Eager Habit: Evaluate Job Fit. Which is a focus on matching what the jobs needs for success with the people who have the skills, style and motivators that match those needs.

DISC Styles & What They Bring To The Job...

The DISC Communication Style Model provides a simple framework for understanding and appreciating different temperaments and communication styles. Here's a quick overview of the Styles found in the DISC model (most people are a mix of Styles):

  • D = Dominance
  • I = Influence
  • S = Steadiness
  • C = Compliance

DISC Style is ONLY ONE area to consider when hiring. I REALLY DO NOT want you to over-use the free interview tips in this Article, but Style Match between your Candidate IS something you want to consider. That's because each Communication Style brings natural strengths to your Job.

Which Description Best Describes Your Job?

free interview tips DISC Style

Think about your Job Opening. Review these 'DISC on the Job Style Descriptors, and look for Candidates that have a similar Style.

  • Frequent Interaction with Others. (High (I) Influence Style & High (S) Steadiness Style) Strong people orientation, versus a task orientation. The job will deal with multiple interruptions on a continual basis, always maintaining a friendly interface with others.
  • Versatility. (High (I) Influence & High (D) Dominance Style) The job calls for high level of optimism and a can-do orientation. It will require multiple talents and a willingness to adapt to changing assignments as required.
  • Customer-Oriented. (High (S) Steadiness Style) The job demands a positive and constructive view of working with others. There will a high percentage of time spent listening to, understanding and successfully working with a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds to achieve win-win outcomes.
  • Frequent Change. (High (D) Dominance Style High (I) Influence) The job requires a comfort level with juggling many balls in the air at the same time. It will be asked to leave several tasks unfinished and easily move on to new tasks with little or no notice.
  • Analysis of Data. (High (C) Compliance Style & High (S) Steadiness Style) The job deals with a large number of details. It requires that details, data and facts are analyzed and challenged prior to making decisions and that important decision-making data is maintained accurately for repeated examination as required.
  • Urgency. (High (D) Dominance Style) The job requires decisiveness, quick response and fast action. It will often be involved in critical situations demanding on-the-spot decisions be made with good judgment.
  • Organized Workplace. (High (C) Compliance Style & High (S) Steadiness Style) The job's success depends on systems and procedures; its successful performance is tied to careful organization of activities, tasks and projects that require accuracy. Record keeping and planning are essential components of the job.
  • Competitiveness. (High (D) Dominance Style) The job exists within a demanding environment where consistently winning is critical. The job demands tenacity, boldness, assertiveness and a will to win in dealing with highly competitive situations.

As you are using the details in this free interview tips DISC Style Article make sure you are not only matching your Candidate's DISC Style, be sure to also match the Experience, Personal Skills, Motivators and Attitude to what the job needs.

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