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Episode #94 - Hiring Manager Mistakes and Best Practices with Huff Logue - Part 1

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We have all experienced the disappointment of hiring the wrong applicant for a position. The interview went so well; their resume was spot on for the skills and experience you were looking for, and they answered all of our questions the right way. But, after a few weeks or months into their job duties, you start to notice that they weren’t quite the right fit after all. Did the hiring manager make a mistake?

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Overview of Episode #94 --- 

  • Top mistakes hiring managers make.
  • Best practices for interviewers.
  • Benefits of using the three sciences (DISC, Workplace Motivators and Acumen) in the hiring process.
  • Retention and engagement best practices.
  • Finding peace and making wise decisions.

The problem may have been that you were overlooking some key interview tactics that allow you to get a feel for an applicant's intangible skills and understand who they are on a level that goes beyond what a resume or a cookie-cutter interview can really tell you. 

My guest, Huff Logue, and I discuss the shifts that need to occur in the recruiting and interviewing process to allow you and your team to truly qualify your applicants appropriately so that you’re getting the best fit possible for your vacancies. 

Along with the wealth of knowledge that the TriMetrix assessment can provide you, I wanted to share nine interview basics that can help you spruce up your interviewing process and get a good feel for some of the intangible skills that you need for your positions:

  • Start and end on time.
  • Clarify & explain the overall interview process.
  • Don’t allow outside interruptions.
  • Encourage the candidate to talk.
  • The candidate should talk 75-80% of the interview time!
  • Maintain eye contact.
  • Use the candidate’s name.
  • Allow silence.
  • Be pleasant but response-neutral.
  • Listen aggressively.  
  • The act of listening aggressively is to hear with determination and energetic pursuit, demonstrating a desire to understand.   

Tune in today to hear more about the TriMetrix Assessment, how to properly qualify your applicants, and how to tailor your open positions to the shift in the job market post-pandemic. This episode is filled with valuable tips, and I know you’re going to love it! 

In this episode: 

[00:38] Welcome back to the Wake Up Eager Workforce Podcast! 

[03:36] Suzie shares the background and expertise of her guest, Huff Logue. 

[04:52] The biggest mistake that hiring managers make is not taking the time to appropriately qualify their applicants. 

[07:04] What is the best way to hire for intangible skills?

[09:48] Huff speaks to the impact of using TriMetrix and how it improves the recruiting process.

[19:49] Huff and Suzie discuss how beneficial TriMetrix is to the hiring process.

[22:57] Suzie and Huff share some tips for preparing your interview team to adequately qualify your applicants.

[25:33] The shift in workplace culture and how to tailor your job posts for the needs of vacant positions.

[32:41] Suzie and Huff discuss some basic interview tactics.

[40:22] The benefits of allowing silence and listening aggressively during interviews. 

[41:42] Thanks for joining me today for Part 1. Join us next time for Part 2!

Information Shared in the Podcast:

Link to my Free Book Download – How to Hire Superior Performers 
Hiring Superior Performers Services 
Understanding Workplace Motivators 
Top Ten Uses for the DISC Assessment 
Mastering Relationship Skills by Understanding the Way Others Behave! – Free Work Relationship Guide

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