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Motivate Yourself and Your Workforce: Insight from the Workplace Motivators Assessment 

If you've recently taken the Workplace Motivators assessment, read these Guidelines, watch this quick and thorough overview video , and then scroll down for actionable resources. 

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What is the Workplace Motivators Assessment? 

Workplace Motivators six listed CBF 2023Six Workplace Motivators

The Workplace Motivators Assessment is a robust tool for measuring a person's top drivers and interests. (Sample Report ) Researchers have identified six culture-neutral, gender-neutral core motivators that are not immediately visible – that drive behavior. Results can be used to determine job fit, help teams reduce conflict, and help individuals reduce stress and gain more energy.  It builds self and other awareness and can help create more work and life satisfaction.  For more info - listen to Suzie's talk: Motivating Yourself and Your Workforce.

Learn More About Each Motivator 

Identifying the top two interests AND what a person is least interested in (number six) helps you measure what puts 'GAS IN THE TANK' - something that is not easily visible but crucial to superior performance. You will be able to learn more about each Motivator below. Select the motivators below that were ranked as one,  two, and six.


Theoretical Overview One page 2023

Being Theoretically motivated means you have a passion for knowledge and expertise. You
may tend to want:

  •  Facts
  • Research
  • Study & Learning Opportunities
  • Be a Product Expert
  • Identify Truth

"The more that you read, the
more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you will go."
Dr Seuss


Utilitarian Overview 2023

Being Utilitarian motivated you have a passion for means you have a passion for making money and seeing ROI. You tend to want:

  •  Reduce Time Wasting
  •  Reduce Money Wasting
  •  Reduce Resource Wasting
  •  Practicality
  • Money for Security
  • Results

"Anything that wont sell, I don't want to invent. Its sales is proof of utility and utility is success."
Thomas A. Edison


Individualistic Overview 2023

Being Individualistically motivated means you have a passion for balance, harmony, and form. You may tend to want:

  • Power and recognition.
  • Renown and influence.
  • To be free to make decisions
  • To advance

"I always believe I can
the best, achieve
the best. I always see
myself in the top position."
Serena Williams


Aesthetic Overview 2023

Being Aesthetically motivated means you have a passion for balance, harmony, and form. You may tend to want:

  •  Balance
  • Events for enjoyment.
  • Freedom to express.
  • To work in peace.
  •  Work-life balance.

"Art is about the dynamics
of the human experience."

Danny Glover

Social/ Altruistic

Altruistic Overview 2023

Being Altruistically motivated means you have a passion for balance, harmony, and form. You may tend to want:

  • To coach, champion and serve others.
  •  To eliminate pain.
  •  An organization committed to its people and clients.

"Service to others is the
rent we pay for our
room in heaven."
Muhammad Ali

Traditional/ Regulatory

Traditional Overview 2023

Being Traditionally motivated means you have a passion for keeping and enforcing the rules. You may tend to want:

  • Traditions and defined rules.
  • Codes, ethics, and high moral standards.
  • To enforce the rules and processes.

"One cannot and must
not try to erase the past merely because it
does not fit the present.
Golda Meir

 Additional Resources for More Insight...

Yes, motivators can tell you all this and more about yourself and everyone around you!  If you'd like to take the assessment or learn more about how to use it, contact us.  Or, purchase these coaching reports, below.

Workplace Motivators Assessment

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