Great Team Building Games
Free Team Effectiveness Meeting Plan

I'm so pleased to share with you these 'team building games free team effectiveness meeting plan' - because it's a 'Plan' that works! So many of you have taken the free online team quiz and then asked, What do I do now?

I share with you in this video the specific steps I use as a Professional Facilitator. And now you can use them too.

Follow the Process I outline in this video to help your team work more effectively. Watch my step-by-step meeting plan video now:

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Three Step Team Building Games
Free Meeting Plan Reviewed in the Video

  • Step 1: Plan a two to four hour mandatory team meeting. Provide plenty of notice---don't wait to last minute to pull this together---if you do, it sends the message that this type of meeting is not worthy of a plan and their time. Let your team know that the focus of the meeting will be: Team Effectiveness
  • Step 2: Pre-Work: Have all team members read: Five Dysfunctions of a Team and complete a team survey. Use a survey tool - if you can - that: 1) Assures rater anonymity, so you get completely honest feedback. 2) Captures Rater comments after each survey item. 3) That is tailored specifically to your team and business. (This is the software I use and recommend, here.)
  • Step 3: Team Effectiveness Meeting Agenda- There Are Three Main Parts to Your Meeting:
  1. Opening and Personal History Exercise Icebreaker
  2. Book Review and Discussion (Companion Book Handout-a PDF, Here.)
  3. Team Survey Results Review, Discussion and Action Plan (Review & use the Facilitation steps I outline in the video, they really work!)**

**Keep the momentum going by holding Team Effectiveness meetings every 4 to 8 weeks**

360 Feedback

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