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The secret to superior performance begins at the beginning.  If you want high performers, and who doesn't, you must put the right people in the right jobs.

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What's the secret to superior performance? Could ancient Philosophers have been sharing insights into 'the secret' the when they admonished Man to pay attention to 'The Beginning'?

A bad beginning makes a bad ending.” EURIPDES

The beginning is the most important part of the work. ” PLATO

I'm not sure what Euripides and Plato were ACTUALLY talking about when they shared their wisdom about 'beginnings,' but they COULD have been referencing hiring and work performance. 

That's because one of the the 'secrets' of high performance at work is for Leaders to get REALLY GREAT - TO MASTER - How To Hire the Right Person and Put Him/Her in the Right Job!

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And, If you start out with the wrong person, things are not going to go very well- work performance-wise! That's why I believe superior performance the beginning when you are picking who you will hire and promote.

You always want to hire and promote the people who:

  • Not only CAN do the job,
  • But who will LOVE  the job and give their VERY BEST, EVERY DAY.
  • You also want people You, and the rest of your Team, CAN TOLERATE working with! (Right?)

Knowing how to hire right is NOT REALLY A SECRET.  It's a skill and talent that can be learned and improved upon with a little bit of focus and effort.   This skill is one that EVERY Leader or Professional who's involved in hiring SHOULD  take time to master.

That's why knowing how to hire right is one of the secrets of thriving Leaders.  Because when you do a great job hiring and you have the right people, you and your Team can spend MORE of your time on growing the business, and LESS of your time on trying to "manage" "motivate" and "push" low (not-the-right-fit) employees.

If spending MORE time on growing the business and LESS time on 'motivating' low performers is important to you - start at the beginning and take time to hone and master your hiring and interview skills.

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