Corporate Leadership Coaching:
A Proven Process That Works!

My Corporate Leadership Coaching process will help you, or leaders you manage, solve these problems:

  • High turnover
  • Troubled team dynamics
  • Poor time management and delegation skills
  • Communication and leadership skills that are hampering success (Examples: being too direct; being seen as a complainer/whiner; coming across as too passive; avoiding conflict and not addressing problems in a timely manner.)
  • Help in readying for the next career step, or in transitioning into a new position

Corporate Leadership Coaching: My Proven Process

A Company Director's Thoughts After a Triad Phone Coaching call Between Me, Himself and his Employee, Carol: "Suzie I LOVED the call!!  It was really great and I think you set the ball on the T very well for me to hit it and make some great points that I really wanted to make.  I think that the call will help Carol and I talk about some things much deeper then we have in the past and I think it helped Carol be assured that this is part of the investment and not “you are in trouble!” coaching.  I really like how you took her through her TriMetrixHD report and were able to open her up to what is and is not her (in her opinion) but  allowed me to speak into what I think…so they get confirmation or reinforcement of a blind spot!  I can’t WAIT to do this with Jane too. Thanks a lot for the great work on this with Carol!!  I was very impressed with how it went!"  Director in the Hospitality Industry

"Suzie, you have a special way of looking at the world and coming up with practical suggestions. Your coaching was 'just in time' and on target. Thanks for everything." D.D., Corporate Trainer, Mid-Size Technology Company

"This coaching process has really allowed me to pinpoint areas of opportunity that I have as a professional and provide a framework to improve in these areas.  Suzie has been great to talk with on where my areas of opportunities are. She has helped me create clear and achievable goals to assure my success as a leader."  A.B., Leader, Benefits Company

"This coaching has given me the ability to understand and interpret the results and learn how to relate and interact better with others. Also I believe it makes me a better person. The report had a lot of information but Suzie really helped dissect it and dig to the bottom of it with me.Suzie is great. It was valuable to me to get her feedback. She had never met or spoken with me prior to the assessment, so she could be very objective and base her feed back solely on the assessment and our discussions." M.T., General Manager, Hospitality Industry

"The Self-Study coaching tools page is great. I really like the recommended reading list. I've gone back to reference the DISC cheat sheets a couple of times, also have enjoyed some of the articles under the Development Resources section. Finally, I appreciated having the position benchmarks there, as a way to compare and contrast against my own assessment." 
M.H., Project Manager, Technology

I help teams and individuals: leverage their strengths, manage their blind spots, improve work-life happiness and productivity, grow specific leadership skills sets and build self-confidence and effectiveness with others.

While my coaching process will be tailored to each leader and team's specific needs, my basic Corporate Leadership Coaching Process includes three main focus areas: 1) Assessment 2) Coaching Calls 3) A Private Self-Study Coaching Tools Page. Here are the details:

  • Coaching Assessment Tools.
    For coaching clients I almost always recommend the TriMetrixHD Coaching Assessment  because:
    - Unlike most assessment companies that focus on one or two dimensions of an individual, I use the TriMetrixHD Assessment that has five linked sciences that can uncover many more dimensions of an individual and their performance.  This allows me to quickly target specific development needs.  And with clarity and focus, I can, in coaching sessions help a person create the quickest path to what they need and want to achieve, with the least amount of resistance.
    - TriMetrixHD was developed specifically for use in the workplace. Not only is it an effective coaching tool, it is both ethical and legal to use it. It has proven accurate in predicting workplace performance, and it is compliant with EEOC rules for employee testing.
    - As an optional add-on: I can also include a Leadership 360 Degree Feedback Survey, that can be tailored specifically to the behaviors or competencies that match your organization's mission and leadership priorities.
  • Three to Six Coaching Calls by Phone
    I recommend a minimum of three calls for this process. Additional coaching calls and special development programs can be provided, as requested.

    The second coaching call is a facilitated Triad Call with 1) the Leader Being Coached, 2) the Leader's Manager and 3) me  - where we discuss assessment results, goals and focus areas. 
  • Self-Study Coaching Tools Resource Page. 
    The coaching tools resource page is password protected, and can be customized to any organization. This page serves as an ongoing resource available to the people I coach long after coaching ends. It includes:
    - Detailed Assessment Debrief Video and many other development videos
    - Position Benchmarks for job-fit and gap comparison, providing focused development
    - Customizable Development Plan Worksheets for tracking progress
    - Online University Tutorials (50+ Videos/PDF's) for specific development areas, as revealed in the assessment and comparison to a job benchmark
    - Numerous Memory Jogger Cards/Job Aids for improving communication and motivation of self and for assistance when leading others
    - Plus: links to related articles, podcasts, online classes and recommend books

Additional Programs...

  • Team Analysis.  This team analysis, using the TriMetrixHD assessment, will highlight your team members’ strengths and identify blind spots.  It will show how your team members measure up to one another and to the national mean. It also clarifies who your top performers are and can pinpoint specific development needs.
  • Talent Tracker.  Assess your team and receive a personal handbook on how to effectively communicate with key individuals. 
  • Triad Conflict Resolution. This program is applied when you have two key employees who may be experiencing some type of disconnect in their working relationship.  My method includes: a proven conflict resolution discussion process, assessments of and for each individual and an accountability action plan, with coaching calls and support. Not only does this process increase the effectiveness of these key employees, but it also reduces the tension for others in the work environment.

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