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educational leadership magazine

My Wake Up Eager online e-newsletter is just like an educational leadership magazine, but better! That's because our e-newsletter is free and available to you here, right now.

Every month I provide our nineteen hundred (and growing...) subscribers with fresh Leadership and Sales Pro professional and personal skill-building resources.

Every month you receive new ideas for improving your inspiration and motivation in the workplace. You'll find interesting material as well as fun links, videos and insights to brighten your day.

"I just wanted to say thank you for the inspiration and encouragement.
Today’s newsletter was great to read!
I've recently taken on a new role
in my company and the stress of work can be heavy. Reading your newsletter
and applying your tips has already taken a layer of stress off of my shoulders.
Keep up the good work!"
A.B., Business Operations.

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I NEVER, NEVER, EVER share your information with ANYONE.
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What Subscribers Say...

"Hi Suzie, I just wanted to let you know that I am on your mailing list and
I really love the newsletter that you have started. When I see it hit my
inbox I go for it! Thanks for taking the time to do this; it is great!"

--Debbie, business analyst, international,
Fortune 100, medical technology company

"Hi Suzie - I like your newsletters -
they reflect your personality in a great way."

---Randy, author, consultant and successful entrepreneur

"Hi Suzie,As you've been so kind to keep me on your email list, I continue to love
receiving your Priceless Newsletter. You do an excellent job with the content,
and I especially love sharing some of your ideas, and those terrific videos, with others.
Both the Elf Yourself and the Shopping Tips for Men were huge hits! I hope things
are going well for you. I wish you a wonderful holiday and a terrific 2009! Take care."

---Sandy, vice president of human resources, national technology services firm

Award Winning eNewsletter

The Wake Up Eager eNewsletter has received the: All Star Award from Constant Contact®, Inc., three years in a row, the trusted marketing adviser to more than 400,000 small organizations worldwide.

Our e-newsletter, is like an online educational leadership magazine, and is one of Constant Contact’s top performers and most prolific user of its tools.

Suzie-Love the newsletter. Full of fabulous energy and
great inspiration - just like you. I am inspired!"
---Jackie, business consultant

"Suzie, Awesome newsletter! Thanks for sharing. It was great to see
your name pop up in my in-box. You always brighten the day! Thanks,"

---Kevin, training manager, mid-sized manufacturing company

"Suzie, I look forward to getting your newsletter -
there's something in it for everyone. Thank you!"

---Greg,corporate consultant of a
25-year professional development services firm

“I am always inspired when I see your email in my box.
It’s like a friend that shows up at my door with a key lime pie.
It’s the only newsletter that makes me smile and want to click;
all the others are a distraction to be read “later”.

---Huff Logue, Partner, Execulinks

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