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Free Team Building Activities - Little Known Motivation Techniques

Get free team building activities, a free team quiz, step-by-step free team building exercises and resources are here to help you continue to build excellence on your team.

free team building activities

If you've not taken the free online team quiz yet, you can take it here. The Free Quiz and the free team building activities provided here are all based upon five areas that you can measure and track to build an effective team, from the Best Selling book: Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

Five Key Team Effectiveness Areas: Which One is Blocking Your Team's Success?

Each of the five areas below are crucial to team success. When any of these areas are not strong your team, the Team's success will be blocked. Here's a Handout and visual aid of the: Roadblocks to Team Success PDF.

The free team quiz provides a quick snap shot on how you think your team is doing in each area. You can take it here and then come back here to get actions you can take to improve each area.

  • TRUST: Do your team members trust you? Do they trust each other? Is the team open and vulnerable with each other? Does everyone say what they mean - or are they  guarded and cautious? Get a Step-by-Step Trust-Activity, Here.
  • CONFLICT: Can your team engage in productive, honest and open discussions with respect and without holding back? Do the real issues get discussed and resolved or are they always lurking in the background, unresolved? Get a Step-by-Step Conflict-Activity, Here.
  • COMMITMENT: Does your team fully commit to decisions once the decisions are made, or do they back-track and have unproductive, negative 'water-cooler' chatter outside of meetings? Get a Step-by-Step Commitment-Activity, Here.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Does your team hold one another accountable for their actions and behaviors? Is your team committed so much to their decisions that they monitor each other to ensure success or is the leader the only one worried about and pushing for results? Get a Step-by-Step Accountability-Activity, Here.
  • RESULTS: Is your team focused on getting results for the team or are people fending for themselves and their turf first? Get a Step-by-Step Results-Activity, Here.

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." Henry Ford

More Fee & Free Team Building Activities & Resources for You:

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