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Get Team Building Ideas & A Free Team Quiz!

You're looking for team building ideas to get your Team more committed to getting things done. And, you'd really like it if they all got along better. You want less 'turf-wars' and more cooperation and collaboration---right?

If so, I recommend that you start here by taking this free online team quiz based upon the principles taught in the popular best-seller: Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

Use the free 15 question quiz and the free team building activities, as a starting place to help you better understand what roadblocks could getting in your Team's way.  

Get Team Building Ideas in Two Steps:
Step #1 Take The Quiz

Free Team Quiz

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Get Team Building Ideas in Two Steps:
Step #2 Dev Tools & Resources

Free Quiz Categories and Items**

**All Taken From the Best Selling Book: Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

  • Team Dysfunction/Roadblock: ABSENCE OF TRUST

    1. Team members quickly and genuinely apologize to one another when they say or do something inappropriate or possibly damaging to the team.
    2. Team members openly admit their weaknesses and mistakes.
    3. Team members know about one another's personal lives and are comfortable discussing them.
  • Team Dysfunction/Roadblock: FEAR OF CONFLICT

    4. Team members are passionate and unguarded in their discussions of issues.
    5. Team meetings are compelling, and not boring.
    6. During team meetings, the most important-and difficult- issues are put on the table to be resolved.
  • Team Dysfunction/Roadblock: LACK OF COMMITMENT

    7. Team members know what their peers are working on and how they contribute to the collective good of the team.
    8. Team members leave meetings confident that their peers are completely committed to the decisions that were agreed on, even if there was initial disagreement.
    9. Team members end discussions with clear and specific resolutions.
  • Team Dysfunction/Roadblock: AVOIDANCE OF ACCOUNTABILITY

    10. Team members call out one another's deficiencies or unproductive behaviors.
    11. Team members are deeply concerned about the prospect of letting down their peers.
    12. Team members challenge one another about their plans and approaches.
  • Team Dysfunction/Roadblock: INATTENTION TO RESULTS

    13. Team members willingly make sacrifices (such as budget, turf, head count) in their departments or areas of expertise for the good of the team.
    14. Morale is significantly affected by the failure to achieve team goals.
    15. Team members are slow to seek credit for their own contributions, but quick to point out those of others.

Each of the Team Dysfunction/Roadblocks are crucial to team success and when any of these areas are not strong your team, the Team's success will be blocked. Here's a Handout and visual aid of the: Roadblocks to Team Success PDF.

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