Reduce Holiday Stress - Five Gift-Giving Tips, Based Upon D.I.S.C. Communication Styles

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Be smart.  Reduce your holiday stress by giving gifts to those you love based upon their D.I.S.C. Communication Style preferences.   Recall what each family member and friend REALLY wants from you - and give it to them! 

Use these five gift-giving tips to make the holidays more fun and less stressful!

What is DISC?
D.I.S.C. is a very popular communication style model and assessment tool, that I teach  and certify others in, that provides a simple and smart
way to better understand human behavior and improve
communication effectiveness with others. 

It is based upon four Communication Styles that match the letters: D I S C - Each Communication Style represents different (and observable-by-others) behavioral and communication tendencies.

Five Tips To Help You Reduce Holiday Stress Using D.I.S.C. Communication Styles

Use these five reduce stress in others tips with everyone, your five-year old daughter, sixty-year old uncle, spouse and next-door neighbor. 

Be sure to review the D.I.S.C. style descriptions below, guess your friend or family member's Style and then, take action!  (Note: for ease of writing I use the male pronoun even though all the Tips apply to both male & female.)

1.  Help Reduce Holiday Stress - Offer Projects & Activities Based Upon Their Style:

Use these five gift-giving tips based upon DISC communication styles to reduce  holiday stress for  yourself and for those you love.
  • The high Dominance style wants control, challenge, and autonomy to make decisions & solve problems. Ask him to take charge of a project - something that allows him to move fast, be directive and make fast decisions.  Get him involved with competitive games.
  • The high Influence style wants others to be friendly, emotionally honest, and want to be recognized for their contributions. Make time to listen. Verbally share your appreciation for the things he does.  If you need others to get motivated or to gather together, ask him to help you.  (He's a natural 'cheer-leader.')
  • The high Steadiness style wants others to be relaxed, agreeable, cooperative & appreciative. Draw him out by asking personal and family questions. If you ask him to help you on a project, take time to review instructions and provide assurances. Check-in often.
  • The high Compliance style wants others to socialize less & focus on details, logic & accuracy more. If you have a project that requires thought, detailed focus and precision, get him to help you with it. For example have him help you put together a new toy, figure out how your roaster timer works on your oven - anything that requires analysis and thought.

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DISC Style Descriptions - Determine Your Family Member or Friend's DISC Style...

 Here's a quick overview of the four D.I.S.C.Styles. Think about some of the people you'll be seeing, pick the Style(s) that most describe this person. (Side Note:  We are more than our Communication Style, we are often more than just one Style, but we all usually have a primary Style tendency/preference...)

The Four D.I.S.C. Styles:

 Behaviors. What You See -
From Each Style:

High D = Dominance         

Assertive, Fast-Paced, Animated, Urgent, Task-Focused, Ambitious and Competitive, Wants You To Give The Bottom Line

High I = Influence          

Friendly & Enthusiastic, Fast-Paced, Animated, Embraces Change, People-Focused,
Motivates Others,
Wants You To Let Him/Her Talk

High S = Steadiness      

Warm Calm Demeanor, Very Patient,
Steady Pace, Resists Change, People-Focused, Loyal Team-Player,
Wants Everyone to Get Along

High C = Compliance       

Reserved, Neat, Cautious Pace,
Resists Change, Task-Focused,
Precise and Analytical,
Wants You To Use Logic & ALL the Details

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