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Five Gift-Giving Tips, Based Upon DISC Communication Styles   -Page 2

On page 1 of this how-to reduce stress based upon DISC style descriptions, I shared what DISC is and offered my first Tip around the types of projects and activities each Style usually likes. Now let's look at Stress-Buster Activities and Giving Gifts based upon Style. 

#2.  Encourage These Stress-Buster Activities

  • The best high Dominance style stress-busters are: vigorous activity of a competitive nature. (Think - flag football, a spin class, intense shopping.)
  • The best high Influence style stress-busters are: socializing and fun people-oriented activities. (Think - charades, chatting with the neighbors, socializing on social media.)
  • The best high Steadiness style stress-busters are: 'nothing' time, hot baths and yard work. (Think - alone time and quiet time with family.)
  • The best high Compliance style stress-busters are: thinking activities and alone time. (Think - games of chess, working on the computer, playing complicated video games.)

Review Descriptions of each D.I.S.C. Style, Here.

#3.  Give Gifts Based Upon DISC Style

DISC Giving Guide
  • Gift ideas for the high Dominance style - Favorite Sport Gear; Executive Pen; Books, Magazines and Movies About Business and Sports Winners. (Think Sports, Leadership, Action & Winning.)
  • Gift ideas for the high Influence style - Take them to a Restaurant, Movie or Concert; Fancy Light-Up Pen; Books, Magazines and Movies About People, Psychology and with Motivating Themes and Quotes. (Think Flashy, Fun, Conversation Pieces and Humor.)
  • Gift ideas for the high Steadiness style - Gardening and Yard Tools; Bath Soaps and Candles; Photo Frame; Books, Magazines and Movies About Family, Home and Gardening.(Think Family, Tradition, Relationships and Relaxation.)
  • Gift ideas for the high Compliance style - Quality Tools for Woodworking or Gourmet Cooking;  Digital Gadgets; Books, Magazines and Movies About Economics,Consumer Reports, the Law or Do-It-Yourself. (Think Technical, Precision, Financial and Non-Fiction.)

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