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We are a  training and consulting company focused helping leaders build energy, commitment and communication in their organizations.  Our work helps reduce turnover and improve productivity.  Contact Founder Suzie Price at: 770-578-6976;  suzie@pricelessprofessional.com or by way of this contact form.

The Founder Suzie Price is a professional facilitator, consultant, coach and author. Priceless Professional Development, a Talent Management firm was started in 2004. Suzie lives in the Greater Atlanta area in Georgia, USA. 

Suzie graduated from the University of South Carolina and started her corporate career in 1986 at NCR Corporation. That led to other corporate moves in operations, human resources and training for great companies, like: State Farm Insurance, Oracle Corporation and Right Management Consulting.

Over the years she's acquired certifications that deepen her understanding of life, people, leadership, sales and teams, and help her be a better facilitator:

  • Certified in the Bates Executive Presence Index (ExPI™)
  • Affiliate Certified Axiological Practitioner (CAP)
  • Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF)
  • Certified Professional Behavior Analyst (CPBA)
  • Certified Professional Motivators Analyst (CPMA)
  • Certified TriMetrixHD Analyst  (CPHDA)
  • Certified Instructor of Customer Oriented Selling
  • Competent Communicator - Toastmasters

Our Partnerships:

  • Exclusive Partner to Bates, a leadership consulting firm specializing in communicative leadership and executive presence and certified in the Executive Presence Index, the first research-based assessment to measure executive presence and influence in leaders.
  • Authorized Distributor for TTI Success Insights. Priceless is in the top 1%, of 2,000+ consultants, in sales and has been invited to become a TTISI Global Visionary Partner (GVP), an exclusive group of highly engaged Distributors who play a role in shaping TTISI's future products and services.
  • Authorized Distributor and Associate of 20/20 Insight, a survey software tool for 360 Feedback and other organizational surveys
Professional Association Involvement:

  • The Hartman Institute; Current Member and Past Board Member of the Southeast Association of Facilitators; Past-President of Toastmasters of Cobb; Past Co-Chair and Current Member of the Association of Talent Development and 2016 Senior Adviser to the President; Member of the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG)  

Non-Profit Organizations We Support:

  • PAWS Atlanta: Suzie is a current Board Member and Vice Chair of the oldest (50+years) no-kill animal shelter in Atlanta.  
  • Can Do Canines  Sherry is providing coaching and development support and TTI has donated their assessments.  Can Do provides assistance dogs for people with disabilities.

Executive Coach - Sherry Silverman

Sherry Silverman is a consultant specializing in the area of employee selection, retention and development.  She is proficient in the use of assessments and is a Certified Professional Behavior Analyst, a Certified Professional Values Analyst and a Certified Attribute Index Analyst. 

Sherry can be reached at: sherry@pricelessprofessional.com

Sherry’s analytical and observational expertise is complemented by over 35+ years of practical experience in consulting, business development, entrepreneurial ventures, sales and sales management.  She has provided expert-level selection consulting, employee development and coaching services to business owners and managers spanning a variety of industries.  She is uniquely qualified and skilled in helping organizations design and implement appropriate talent management systems, ensuring companies secure, develop and retain the talent necessary for success.

Based in Atlanta, GA, Sherry is actively involved in her local business and civic communities.  She has been honored by corporate and not-for-profit organizations for her leadership and her sales and business development success.

She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she was an English and Speech double major, as well as a classical ballet dancer. 

Client Services Manager - Shaunna Adinolfi

Shaunna Adinolfi focuses on client services by handling assessment center questions and requests, social media and anything else related to client service.  She is fun, easy to talk to and detail oriented, and she's truly a 'gem'. 

Shaunna can be reached at: shaunna@pricelessprofessional.com

She graduated with a degree in Accounting from Arizona State University.  She is also a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst and a Certified Professional Motivator Analyst.  She worked for five years as an Accountant and prior to that worked in Client Services for another training and development company.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and children, exploring all that beautiful Arizona has to offer, especially hiking!

Speaking and Tour Manager - Tracy Bush

Tracy Bush supports my speaking and training efforts by booking speaking engagements, managing meeting logistics and researching potential speaking opportunities and contacts.  She is helpful person with strong attention to detail, and I hope you enjoy working with her. 

Tracy can be reached at: speaker@pricelessprofessional.com

Here's a little more about Tracy's background:  She's been a Business Marketing and Event Consultant for over 10 years, and she served 15 years in the US Navy as a Cryptologic Technician. Tracy has provided marketing and event consultant services for clients like:  Wal-Mart, Southern Women Show, Directv, Metro PCS, MIA Celebrities, DFW Festivals, Artsune, and a host of other companies in the US and abroad.  

Her 15 years in the US Navy taught her discipline, perseverance and determination.  She visited numerous places while in the Service, and her favorite place was Puerto Rico.

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 More About Our Partners...

Trust is truly the one thing that changes everything... when trust is high, speed increases and costs, decrease. Trust is so important to being effective and happy, both personally and professionally, that we've chosen to only partner with people and organizations with whom we trust.  Let us introduce you...

Assessment Partner: TTI Success Insights

We have been partnered with TTI since 2004.  We work with them because their tools are: best in class, EEOC and OFCCP compliant, science-based and in-depth and the ability adapt to teams, individuals, hiring and more.

Our Executive Presence Index Partner: Bates Communication

We became an Certified and Exclusive partner to Bates, a leadership consulting firm specializing in communicative leadership and executive presence in May 2017. Bates’ signature Executive Coaching and Leadership Team Performance programs are used within global organizations to help leaders influence outcomes and drive business results. Their proprietary assessment,
the Bates ExPI™, is the first scientifically validated tool to measure executive presence in leaders.

The ExPI model clarifies Executive Presence as three critical dimensions: Character, Substance, and Style. The multi-rater tool measures perceptions of a leader’s strengths and development areas within 15 distinct facets under these dimensions. The unique and powerful assessment process provides leaders with feedback that is insightful, actionable, specific, practical, and relevant to their business goals.

Our Survey System Partner: PSS

The PSS Team. Front row: Jake Foley, Meredith Bell, Denny Coates, Paula Schlauch and Teller Coates. They have been working together for 25+ years.

We have been Partnered with PSS since 2005. They develop and publish several of our key coaching tools that I use and recommend:

They are located in Newport News, VA and have been in business since 1987. The two co-founders, Dennis E. Coates, Ph.D. and Meredith M. Bell, M.A., have over sixty years combined experience in the field of human resource development. Together, they've served hundreds of organizations and have influenced the development of many professionals all over the world.

Our Website Partner: SBI (Sitesell)


SBI is a trustworthy partner has  who taught us how to build this website and overall has helped Priceless have control over our business marketing AND provided all the technical support we need. The SBI/Sitesell Online Service is perfect if you want to pull traffic to your website, if you want to have control over your website AND get technical and marketing support any time you want it.

The founder of SBI, Dr. Ken Evoy, is an incredible and very involved facilitator. Observing him in action, is a delight and a lesson in good leadership. Click here to find out more about this incredible partner and this powerful leader.

Personal Notes from Founder Suzie Price

Jeff and Suzie Price

I'm lucky enough (and truly blessed) to be married to my 'true love' Jeff, a Commercial Builder. My office side kick is Oscar, a stubborn and delightful 17-pound Shi-Poo. My life and work is lovingly supported and applauded by these two important 'beings': Jeff and Oscar.

Jeff is the very best person and husband in the world. He is also a great leader, helping lead an organization that's been recognized nationally, over many years, as a top 'Great Place To Work' Company.

Oscar is my daily working companion, who reminds me to take walks, not to get so intense and to just play ball sometimes. I also adore our stray cat who adopted us, Felix.

They are what makes my life and this work, work.

In my free time I enjoy: fitness, reading, learning, hiking, cooking healthy food, hanging out with friends, watching mysteries and NASCAR. (I 'love' and root for #88, Dale, Jr.)

I've always had a strong desire to know to live a good and joyous life. And with determined soul-searching, I'm happy to say that I am often feeling on-purpose. I'm learning first-hand, the power of focusing on living a Wake Up Eager Life.

For more information or questions, call me at: 770-578-6976, or contact via my online form, here.

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