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Priceless Professional Development - Our Mission and Five Core Values

Founder Suzie Price

Wake Up Eager is the art and science of bringing the best of who you are to everything you do to create a rich and satisfying career and life. And as you Wake Up Eager you naturally have the energy and ability to help everyone around you bring the best of who they are, to what they do.

Our Mission:

To help Senior Leaders build an energetic, committed, drama-free Wake Up Eager Workforce. 

How We Do This:

  • We use Hiring Science to help leaders hire and promote based upon fit so that they have the right people on the team.
  • We Coach Leaders to help them own their strengths and manage any blind spots getting in their way; we use a supportive and challenge-based approach, along with TriMetrix and Executive Presence assessments, 360 degree feedback and/or team surveys to make the coaching process efficient, practical, and measurable.
  • We facilitate Training in Leadership Skills and Team Building Sessions with a focus on improving trust, communication and commitment.

PPD's Five Core Values - A.L.I.G.N.

A: Alignment and self-care

We take care of ourselves first so that we bring the best of we are and can be, to every discussion, interaction and engagement.

L: Love, listen, support and challenge

We see the best and expect the best by closely listening to, finding love and deep appreciation for, our clients and for each other.  We do not hold back disagreements. We challenge ourselves and others as much as we support and encourage.

I: Integrity

We honor our promises and agreements.  We deliver high-quality programs and services. We're keenly focused on meeting and exceeding the goals and objectives of our clients.

G: Genuine and authentic

We're confident and humble.  We have honest, transparent and straightforward conversations.

N: (client) Needs, wants and goals obsessed!

We are obsessed with our client's goals, needs and wants!  We know that every client has Wisdom, Knowing and their best Timing, and we honor this by aligning our recommendations to their objectives. We do everything we can to help our clients get to where THEY want to go.

Our Intention and Self-Talk Prior to Every Client Interaction:
"When the time comes, and all eyes and ears turn my way, I will manage  
my blind spots, and I will listen deeply and deliberately.
I'm prepared, present and tuned in. I ask helpful questions
and share meaningful insight to help those who want to move forward, do so. 
Let the Light of Wisdom and Empowerment flow through me."

Founder Suzie Price - Why She Does This Work... "I've always cared about..."

  • I've always cared about...
       ...learning, growing and creating a life where I use all of my talents to the best of my ability. 
       ...Waking Up Eager. fully and completely so that at the end of my life I can say, "I have used all of my strengths and talents.  I did the best I knew how to do!" 
  • I've always wanted to...
        ...uplift. others find, feel, live, be and see their unique Value, Talent, Strength and Genius.

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