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An Example of Good Leadership Skills:
An Inspirational Leader & Key Business Partner

How good leadership skills make an inspirational leader and his business a wonderful partner and positive influence over 100,000's of people.

Defining and teaching good leadership skills is something that can be effectively practiced in role play situations in the classroom, which is what my robust train the trainer leadership programs do really well.

But it requires ongoing focus, work and practice for a leader to make the leap from knowing how to lead effectively to actually leading effectively day in and day out in real-life situations, with real people. 

Being a leader who can internalize classroom leadership skill knowledge and then use it to build strong trusting relationships with others, even when tough conversations and decisions have to made, help leaders excel and tends to turn good businesses into really great ones.

To be able to watch and work with someone who can take good leadership skills and put them into action - to know a truly inspirational leader - is a beautiful thing!

Knowledge is useless without action, once learned. 

Working With an Inspirational Leader is a Beautiful Thing...

How good leadership skills make an inspirational leader and his business a wonderful partner and positive influence over 100,000's of people.

I have had the pleasure of seeing a great and inspirational leader in action through my intereactions with the President of SBI Dr. Ken Evoy.  He does EVERYTHING that's taught in classroom leadership courses, in real life, to perfection as he runs his successful web development software business.

SBI  has become one my best business partners. My website, Daily Tips Books for individuals, Blog and more have all been developed due to Dr. Evoy's company, SBI.  

Being a customer of a business that's led by a leader who uses really good leadership skills in EVERY interaction and decision is truly a beautiful 'thing' to be a part of!   His leadership is evident in everything in the business, from the customer service, to the quality of the product to the powerful and devoted community he leads.  I am a very devoted customer and consider SBI, and Dr. Evoy, as my 'Trusted Partners' in Business.

"Leadership is not magnetic personality, that can just as well be a glib tongue. It is not "making friends and influencing people", that is flattery.   Leadership is lifting a person's vision to higher sights, the raising of a person's performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations."
Peter Drucker

My Story: How I Found SBI

I started my Training and Consulting business in early 2004. Along the way, I've worked with great people, grown personally and professionally and built a solid business. I also invested in several websites, as a way to market my Services.

In 2008 I began looking for a new way to work. I wanted to share my passions with more people, travel less and make more money. I wondered how I could take my interest and knowledge about good leadership skills,selling, hiring assessments, motivation in the workplace and personal inspiration, and build a bigger audience.

I had a plan for developing the concept of Wake Up Eager, with free quizzes, a Blog, Books and more.   I investigated the offerings of several website developers in my area.

The timeline they offered for development of my ideas  (6+ months) and the associated costs ($6,000+) they quoted, seemed too slow and too expensive. There had to be another way to get more of my good leadership skills training programs and sales professional information 'out there'.

Questions About SBI?

Give the team of SBI! Experts the opportunity to listen to YOUR needs, and find out whether you and SBI are a match.  

Just give
them  a call or send an email question.

The Turning Point for Me - Christmas 2008: The wind chill in Danville, Indiana was 20 below.  We were there to spend Christmas with my husband's family, whom I love, but for a southern girl like me 20 below is a crime. Especially when it was 60 degrees in Atlanta, Georgia, our home!

I huddled under a blanket on my in-laws couch with a cup of hot tea and my lap top, reading email. One of the bloggers I follow wrote about his experience with Site Build It (SBI).

I stopped breathing as I read what this blogger, who also writes about good leadership skills, had to say about Site Build It. (Click here for a SBI overview).

Could this be the answer to my questions? I felt a rush of energy intuitively nudging me. I had the sense that I had stumbled across a key answer for the next steps in my business. Maybe I COULD teach good leadership skills, and do other training work, online. I was amazed. How had I not heard of this Company before? I felt excited and skeptical all at the same time. Could I really get all of this from one company? Could they really provide all the tools I needed to build a successful online business about my passion?

Just who was this Dr. Evoy and can he really deliver? Is he an inspirational leader? Can I trust him and his business? Are they in alignment with the good leadership skills I teach, and that are crucial for me to have in a partner?  I read his bio.  I was impressed.

I re-read the SBI website.  Saw the 90-day money-back guarantee, and that did it.  I ordered right then.

That was the BEST Christmas present I ever bought myself. I  have to say. I’ve never been so impressed with an organization's ability to over-deliver.  And Dr. Evoy's good leadership skills in every communication, and in every business intereaction, with all of his thousands of cutomer, is simply awesome!

My other attractive, professional, somewhat expensive, hard-for-me-to–use-and-update–websites were just websites. They were NOT optimized to create an online business, like SBI is...

 WHY I Love SBI -
My Top Five Reasons 

Here are My Top 5 Reasons for 'Loving' SBI:

  • #5 - Excellent Marketing and Online Business Knowledge: The Service Sellers Masters Course, a 10 day Action Guide, is like a MBA for online business.  This excellent course has given me EVERYTHING I need to know about being successful online.  Before this Course I was just a good computer end-user. Today I have a thriving online business with tens of thousands of Page Views and Visitors, every month!
  • #4 - Excellent Support - I Never Feel Alone or 'In the Dark': The SBI Support Team is attentive, helpful and clear.   Plus, with all the resources available within SBI I’ve come to trust that there’s an answer and knowledge base I can tap for every question I have. The online forum of 40,000+ small business people who are doing the same thing – building an online business - is amazing. The folks are a community of supportive and encouraging people who their share successes and problems. I’m not in this business alone.
  • #3 - The Financial Savings is Remarkable: Oh yea, did I mention that the cost is 5 percent of what "regular" website designers and developers charge?  I use to wonder how SBI cold offer so much, for such a low annual fee of $299.  Now I just appreciate the heck out of my luck in finding them! 
  • #2 - Credibility and Excellence: I've already shared that the Founder and President of SBI, Dr. Evoy, demonstrates good leadership skills. His influence and example also show up in the integrity of the people that work at SBI and in the quality of the Product they deliver. Another thing that makes SBI so credible is that their process is taught in over 25 universities and colleges world-wide.
  • #1 - A Great Culture and Vibe, As Influenced by the Good Leadership Skills of Dr. Evoy: Dr. Evoy is closely involved in the business of SBI and regularly connects with customers, like me, via the SBI Forums. (He has tens of thousands+ of Forum posts.) His ongoing and active involvement in the SBI Forums creates a supportive 'help and be helped' culture, online.  It's amazing to be a part of such a diverse, well-intended, helpful group of online professionals, from all over the world.

Good leadership skills are important because they inspire others to take positive action to reach beyond normal limitations. SBI has helped me take positive action. My intention for sharing all this with you is to pay it forward. Maybe you're looking for a resource to help you share your passion with the world, SBI might be an answer for you.

I’m so glad I was reading my email that cold winter day in Indiana and that I found this wonderful resource and Partner.  

Here's a short video clip of Ken talking about the magic of SBI:

Questions About SBI?  Give the team of SBI! Experts the opportunity to listen to YOUR needs, and find out whether you and SBI are a match.  
Just give them  a call or send an email question, here.

SBI! INTERVIEWS: A Teaching Lesson That Changed A Life!

I work with so many trainers and facilitators, that I thought this short video interview with a teacher might be interesting.  Even though she's helping school teachers, through her website and through the business and team Ken Evoy  put in place,  the same type of business can be developed for Consultants, Corporate Trainers and Facilitators.  This video is less than 4 minutes long.

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