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What is My Life Purpose? Get Off the Merry-Go-Round Start Living - Three Simple Steps,
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Are you asking, "What is my life purpose?"  If so, you'll get Three Steps to help guide yo,  here. If you've not read page 1 yet, go there now.

As I became an adult I realized I'd wandered away from my own preferences. Little-by-little, action-by-action, I'd started doing things that other people wanted me to do or expected from me.

I'd stopped doing what I most cared about. I'd stopped following and doing what I found personally most fulfilling, interesting and fun. I'd stopped trusting my own guidance.

A Personal Example - Something We All Do That Tends to Get Us Off Track...

Here's an Example - Something I Did:  I was teaching and facilitating classes on a contract basis for a large international consulting company. I was good at it, I loved it and I woke up eager every day.

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One day a Company Executive pulled me aside, "Hey, we'd like to talk to you about a full-time sales position."  My initial instincts and reaction, it rang out in my head and I felt it in my gut, was: "Hell No." But what did I say? I said, "Oh, really?"

Complimented by their interest I interviewed for the position. Then I heard about the great salary. Then I got caught up in 'winning.' And guess what?  "I won." I got the job!But, you guessed it - three months into the new job the newness had worn off. I started to miss facilitating and training, the work I loved. I started asking, "What is my life purpose?"

A year and half later I resigned and started my own consulting firm.

While I firmly believe that 'We Can't Get It Wrong Because We're Never Done' - that  things always work out in the long run - I DID experience many sleepless nights and alot of inner turmoil by subsuming my own desires to please others.\.

That's one of many examples of how we can ignore our own interests and preferences. And when we do, before we know it we're far away from what truly 'feels like play for us.' We then think and feel that life has lost it's purpose.

We get off-our-own-track, in little steps, for logical reasons, often to please others and by doing things that 'sound good' or make us 'look good,' to others.

what is my life purpose

When we stray from what's aligned with our own personal intentions and preferences, the small and big things that make our heart soar, the work and interactions that feel natural to us and make us happy...we start feeling off-purpose.

And before too long we're frustrated and feeling like something's missing.  And that's when we tend to type into the Google Search Box:  'WHAT IS MY LIFE PURPOSE!!!'

Three Steps That I Use & Recommend for Answering Your What Is My Life Purpose Question:

Step #1: Make Peace With Where You Are.

Make Peace.  No I did not say live with where you are and with what you are doing now forever more. But I do want you to do anything and everything you can do to soften the resistance and tension you are feeling about your current situation.

Back off of the "What is my Life Purpose" question for awhile. Why? Stomping your feet, literally and/or figuratively, will only keep you stuck where you are. Complaining and fussing incessantly in every conversation, with anyone who will listen, will cause you to get caught up in a merry-go-round of different places different faces, but the same result.

If you want inspired ideas and insights to answer the 'what is my life purpose question' you must know that: your Guidance and Self Direction, are hard to hear, follow and almost impossible to see, when you're constantly aggravated and upset. (Either out loud or to silently to yourself.)  Make Peace with where you are, just for right now.

When Seeking 'What is My Life Purpose' Answers:
"Never compare your inside with somebody else's outside,"
Hugh MacLeod, Ignore Everybody

Step #2: Spend 15-30 Minutes or More a Day Writing, Meditating or Doing Something That Calms You

Stepping out of your busy life for at least 15 minutes each day, so that you can tune into your own thoughts and preferences will help you listen and follow your own preferences.

Yes, read books and take self help courses that 'call' you. But make sure that they are 'calling you' or feel right to you, that they are inspired choices. You'll only know what inspires you if you've strengthened your ability to hear and follow your internal knowing about what is best for you.

And you can only do that by spending time with yourself, every day. 

"You have to find your own schtick. A Picasso always looks like Picasso painted it. Hemingway always sounds like Hemingway...Part of being a Master is learning how to sing in nobody's voice but your own." Hugh MacLeod, Ignore Everybody

what is my life purpose

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Step #3: Know & Remember: Everyone Has Different Intentions and Preferences, We All Have a Different Life Purpose

There's no reason to argue with others about what is the best and right life purpose. As I've shared, over and over here, we each have our own purpose and intentions.

My husband, Jeff, LOVES to work, build a business, build big buildings, negotiate deals and  make money. He is happy doing that. He thrives. And he is wonderful person.

I LOVE ideas, teaching, writing and studying. Two people in love (together since 1993) and very happy. AND - two very different life purposes.

I do not need him to endorse my answers to the 'what is my life purpose' question. He does not need me to endorse his. We can co-create beautifully together, and love and respect our different drives, interests and goals.

Remember, everyone has different intentions, don't try to convince people that your life purpose is the right one. They do not know, only you know. And doing that (trying to convince others) will just take you off-track and off-purpose again.

Spend ALL of your time focusing on strengthening, and paying attention to, your own Intentions and preferences. Believe me, it takesFOCUS to do this. You don't have time to try and manage other people's lives, and any way, they'll resent you for trying.

"Sing in your own voice...Don't make excuses. Just shut the hell up and
get on with it. Time waits for no one." Hugh MacLeod, Ignore Everybody

Your Comments, Ideas,
Questions & Suggestions...

Do you have questions about how to find your life purpose? Have you found tools and resources that have helped you? What is challenging for you? What is working? Share comments, questions, wisdom and insights here...

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what is my life purpose

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