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by Cathy Sobers
(New York)

Yes,I am. Living your life's purpose is a process that unfolds over time, or a journey upon which you embark, without knowing where or how it will end.

For me, the journey started at a time when there were various endings in my life...the loss of loved ones, the loss of my job when my company started to downsize and close down offices worldwide.

Suddenly I was at the crossroads of my life, and I decided to take the road less traveled. That road included 2 spiritual retreats, and a lot of reading, starting with "The Purpose Driven Life".


1. Being grateful and giving gratitude every day for things and people in my life.

2. Meditation allows me to be focused and to get clarity.

3. Staying positive and eliminating wherever
possible the tolerations and things that bring negative energy into my life.

Finally, keep a journal to document your will need it for the times you can't see how far you have come.


Hi Cathy, Thank you for being a part of the Wake Up Eager community and for sharing your journey and your tips.

Isn't that quote - Your purpose is to live your purpose - great? Love that you're on your way and I predict - with your mindset and outlook - you'll have a joyous journey all along the way!

Gratitude, reflection and focusing on surrounding yourself with people and things that feel right to you - is so powerful.

For anyone else who'd like to follow Cathy's steps in reflection through meditation and journaling, here are 2 pages with tools to help build habits in those areas:

  1. Journal Writing Ideas

  2. Stress Management Help - Meditainment, Mindfulness Training

All the Best, and More Cathy!

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