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What is My Life Purpose? Get Off the Merry-Go-Round & Start Living - Three Simple Steps

When you're asking, "What is my life purpose?" it's usually because something at work is not working.  Your hope is that if you can find the answer, everything will get better.

You search (many of us do) because you know - within every fiber of your Being - that at the end of every day, you SHOULD feel good about how you've spent your time. When you don't love, or even like, your days very much, well that's when you usually start searching for 'more purpose.'  

That's why this statement,"I have a clear sense of purpose for my life." is a part of the Wake Up Eager Re-Calibrate My Mind, Body & Spirit Habit and Quiz.

what is my life purpose

What Doesn't Work: My Journey & What I Tried, At First...

I think I know why you search,  because I've done the same thing.  I got on the on the 'finding-my-life-purpose-merry-go-round,' too.   I began searching for purpose when my life felt rushed and hectic, and when at the end of most days I felt worn-out and unfulfilled.

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I call my purpose-quest  a 'merry-go-round' because, in my case, I just transferred my busy-rush-around-and-over-scheduled-behaviors from my work, over to trying to answer the, "What is my life purpose?" question. I then became very busy 'being spiritual,' studying, getting coached, counseled and taught by 'gurus,' while I continually read self help books.

Now, don't get me wrong - some self-help material is very good. In fact I recommend good programs and processes all over on this website. But when we transfer our angst into busy, frenetic action by turning our purpose-quest over to others' 'wisdom,' it can be like a merry go round...we're busy, we're moving, but not we're really going anywhere but around and around and around.

I found out, after reading, studying and earnest 'seeking' that I had what I'd been looking for, all along. I had my own answers. No one else had answers to my 'What is my Life Purpose' question, I had it. As the realization came, that my answers were within me, I began to slow the 'merry go round' down, and eventually got off.

I answered my own question. I now know what my life purpose is, and I'm doing it. And it just keeps getting better and better.  And the same is true for you.  You have your own answers.  I'll share a bit of my own journey here, along with the three steps that I believe are most important to help everyone find their own answers.

The First, Most Important, Step...

The first thing I did, that helped me answer the - 'What is My Life Purpose' question was:
I quit asking the question so much.

what is my life purpose

My tendency (and I see this same tendency in other intense, 'I want to know now', Seekers...) was to 'beat the drum' of the question incessantly. I wanted to know right away, right then! I was consumed with looking for the answer everywhere and all the time. 

I felt the question pulsing within my heart and gut. While I didn't always say it, I was always thinking,  "Do YOU know what my life purpose is?" 

"Are YOU living on purpose?"

"What can YOU share that will help me understand what is my life purpose? What is my life purpose? I want to know now!"

I tend to get laser-focused on stuff. I guess that's kind of obvious, huh? 

"You can never solve a problem on the
level on which it was created."

Albert Einstein

Lifting off the question, is the first step to finding your life's purpose.  You need to just relax a bit. Intense and resistant asking, like I've done in the past, only holds you away from your answers!

The Purpose of Life Is... Insights From Your Younger Years

"The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose."
Richard Leider

what is my life purpose

There are answers within.  And some come from your younger years.  Let me explain by asking you to think back to when you were a kid...

When you were little, you played, right?  Maybe you did fun and happy things like romping through a field with balloons.  Why? What was the purpose? 

There wasn't one.  It just was fun and made you happy, right?   And, when you were doing things that made you happy, did you ever ask yourself: What is my life purpose? No you did not.

I was a little bit of a philosophical kid, and I never wondered if it was okay to play, to do things that just felt good to do.  I was just focused on playing, having fun and living day to day. I kept myself busy by looking for things and people that were interesting to me. I spent time on activities, and with people, that made me happy.

As an adult, when I began my "purpose quest" I  started to understand that when I'd stopped following my own preferences and impulses toward what felt good and right to me, that's when things started to get off-track.Which led to tired and weary days that zapped my energy, and that's when I started asking the "What is my life purpose" question.  

Over time I'd 'wandered away' from my own preferences.  Little-by-little, action-by-action, I'd started doing things that other people wanted me to do or expected me to do. I stopped doing what I cared about. I stopped following and doing what I found fulfilling, interesting or fun. I'd stopped trusting my own interests.

Click here to continue reading... where I share a more specific personal example of how we can get off track and three steps to help guide you toward finding your life's purpose.

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what is my life purpose

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