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Friends, family and clients often ask me to share business and career advice and tools for their own career or for family members and close friends. They share,

  • "I've tried to give her advice. It seems like nothing I say helps."  
  • "He hates his new job. I don't know how to help him."  
  • "She's not sure whether she going back to school now or not. I don't know how to guide her..."
  • "I don't know what's best or how to guide her."
  • "I have lots of career options, but I'm not sure what I really WANT to do, and I'm not sure how to figure it out..."

We all want to help our kids find the 'right' work and help colleagues and friends recover from a lay-off or a bad job situation.  We all also have times when we need to adjust our own career path and determine the next best steps to take. Whether it's nervous young adults graduating from school stepping into the world of full-time work for the first time, or colleagues who can't find a job or when we're trying to figure it all out for ourselves career frustration can set it. We naturally go 'on the hunt' for the best business and career education advice we can find.  Here are resources and some advice from us and others to help!

Links to Help You and Your Loved One on Their "Perfect Work" Journey:

Many years ago I held a phone interview with a seasoned Career Counselor to get her insights about what she thought were the 'Secrets' to a Successful Career Change/Transition.' You can download the audio, written transcript and worksheets for free, here. 

Check out this article about finding the perfect work - it includes The Perfect Work Mantra that I used when I was making the change to start my business 15 years ago, a downloadable Perfect Work Worksheet (I share this with people, a lot!) and many more resources.  Find it, here.

Get Career Guidance, Resume & Interviewing Preparation Help  & articles by Career Coach Expert Howard Cattie, Jr. (A Career Transition expert I recommend - his business and career coaching helped my niece land her first professional job.) He offers a complimentary coaching session, that you might want to consider.

There's an Assessment Tool that brings clarity and direction to what a person needs to thrive at work, and it's the tool that has helped me the most on my own career journey. It reveals what kind of environments energize you and what will stress you out. IT DOES NOT tell people what to do next (no credible Resource can really even do that...) BUT IT DOES help a person pick the Path that matches their natural strengths, interests and talents.

  • The TriMetrixHD Assesment This Assessment provides a 70+ Page Report that reveals Strengths, Blind spots, How You Like to Be Managed, Ideal Work Environment, your top passions and interests and how you think and make decisions. In addition to the Assessment, I provide Self-Study Debrief Tools (a video, worksheets and more...) to help people use their Assessments Results to guide decisions. 

Note: If you are a Priceless Professional Development client and you would like to take the about assessments or have your child or close family member complete them, please contact me and I'll provide them at no cost.

The MOST EMPOWERING Thing You Can Do...  My Favorite Business and Career Education Advice:

I'd like to share what I've come to understand is the best and most empowering thing you can do for another person. Sometimes when I share this advice, others shrug it off, thinking it is not enough. But I believe it is everything, and that it's absolutely the most important thing you can do for someone you love. Here it is - the best support you can give someone you care about is:

SEE their success before they do.  Practice in your mind all of their strengths, all of their talents, all of their goodness. Do not buy-into their momentary self doubt. Remember the wealth of possibility this person has Within, and recall it until it becomes the dominant vibe within you. So that EVERY thought, word, action and interaction they have with you - includes your sense of their bright future.

As you see, feel and radiate what is right about this person you will be the positive influence you intend to be.

And from your belief you help them realize their potential - your positive influence will help them find their own answers, their own path, their own motivation.

And then, you will have truly given them the best business and career education advice known to all:

"You are good. You are valuable. You are meant to be happy.
You are supposed to have fun.
You can create a life and work you love.
The future is yours. You can do it!"

what is my life purpose

Get the Job You Want: The Career Guidance, Resume & Interviewing Preparation Help You've Been Looking For...    Articles, Complimentary Coaching and More, Here.

Best Business and Career Education Advice from Wake Up Eager Friends: Get and Give "It" Here...

Help Others Here, Share Your Wisdom:

This part of the article requires your participation. Think back - what advice has stayed with you over the years? What did someone say or do that helped you? Have you found insight, tools and/or resources that could help others? Emails are not collected here.

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