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Dad's Advice: Go Anywhere and Don't Do Anything Half-Ass

by Rick
(Marietta, GA)

My dad told me when I graduated from college, "Use your degree, don't worry about where that is...don't be held back by location."

His encouragement freed me up to explore jobs outside of Pittsburgh, our home town. I am today living in the South. My career's sky rocketed because I was not afraid to move.

Dad also always reminded me - when doing anything, "Don't do any job you're going to do half-ass."

To this day - his example and his words (even though he died years ago) still influence me. I always go all the way when I do something.


Thank you Rick.

So glad your wise dad encouraged you in so many positive ways.

Thanks for participating in the Wake Up Eager Community.
All the Best, and More!

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