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The Next Day I Quit....

by Sherry

This advice from this 'successful' woman changed my entire life.

At the time I was on the 'Partner Track' at a well-known tax firm. I was working 80 hour weeks - I was stressed out.

One day I got to talk to one of the 'famous' partners, someone I admired. Here's what she said to me when I asked her about how to handle the stress I was feeling,

"I canceled four trips to see my dad due to business obligations. I never got to see him before he died. I don't even have a dog. If family is important to you - you should find something else to do. Bottom line know what you want and what you are willing to give up."

The very next day, I walked into my bosses office and I quit that job.

I went on to find another less demanding position. Today, years later, I have three adorable children and rich and happy life.


Ah Sherry, those are moments when everything gets clear. So glad you are creating a life that you love.

Thank you for participating in the Wake Up Eager Community.

All the Best, and More!

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