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Focus On Providing Value

by JC

To me the focus should really be on adding value to others. I believe that if in life and in business, if that is your primary focus that you will be able to gain positive momentum behind your dreams. For example, here is a site dedicated to helping teenagers find a job. For the young job seeker, sites like this an many others provide insight that they may never find elsewhere.

The point is, if you put your focus on others first - customers, clients, etc. you will find that this change in perspective keeps you focused on the right things, and not just on making a quick buck. A focus on value will lead you to making right decisions in the long term.


Hey JC,

Thank you for sharing your business and education advice to 'focus on adding value.' When you are focused there - you are so right - things have a way of working out wonderfully, don't they?

Also, thank you for providing the link to a resource that could be helpful to other readers, their family members and friends.

You offer helpful 'how-to' resources around resumes, interview tips and more on your blog. Way to add value JC!

Thank you for visting and for sharing!
All the Best,

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