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My eBook and Self-Paced Training eClasses for More Motivation in the Workplace

Get motivation in the workplace insights, inspiration, skill-building, tips and strategies with my eBooks and online, self-paced, immediately available eClasses designed specifically for Leaders. 

The material shared in my eBook and eClasses comes directly from my corporate workshops. The beauty of having them available here is that you pay a fraction of the cost AND  you get immediate access so  you can review the material at your own pace, as often as you like.

Wake Up Eager Habit Daily Tips Books:

120 Stress Management Strategies and Daily Tips for Professionals.  
  Get 120 strategies and tips, that's over 30 hours of training and coaching, for strengthening mind, body & spirit.

Details and Order Information Here.

How to Hire Superior Performers: 
70 Best Practices, Strategies and
Tips for Interviewers

Solutions to the top 13 hiring mistakes, best  practices, processes & interview questions 17+ hours of training
Details and Order Information Here.

Self-Paced Motivation and Communication
Skills Builders for Leaders:

These eClasses are designed to help build strength in all five of the Wake Up Eager Habits: Enter the Zone, Activate Your Greatness, Grow Trust, Evaluate Job Fit and Re-Calibrate Daily. 

In each eClass you get a audio MP3,a complete typed transcript of the audio MP3,
an Action Plan Workbook, exercises for practicing each skill and memory jogger cards for remembering!  I worked to give you exactly, if not more, than I what I give when doing a corporate training class.

Solve Your Home
& Work Relationship

DISC Communication Style Assessment and Online Development Resources eClass

More information here.
workplace motivation
The Real Secret to Getting More Energy and Loving Your Work

Workplace Motivators Assessment and Online Development
Resources eClass.

More information here.
what is communication
Four Skills
That Make or Break
All Leaders

Self-Paced Audio
and Workbook.
A Trust-Building Communication Skills eClass.
More information here.

What Everybody Ought to Know About Effective Workplace Communication
Self-Paced Audio and Workbook Program, Plus Optional Email & Phone Practice Call. A Trust-Building Communication Skills eClass.
More information here.

Managing My Team: Building My Leadership Skills - 6 Week Self-Paced eCourse

Self-Paced Audio and Workbook Program - A Trust-Building Communication Skills eCourse
More information here.

How to Conduct an
Pick Winners Every Time

Self-Paced Audio and Workbook Program - An Interview Skill-Building eClass

More information here.

"My Crazy 365 Day Guarantee" I'm so confident that you'll benefit from my Programs and Material that I'm willing to take the entire risk. Order today, use my material for as long as 12 full months.

If you do not gain any benefit from having implemented this material, then I want you to ask for a refund because I don't deserve your money. Just send me an email if you are unhappy with any product I provide,and I will promptly and courteously offer you either a replacement with another session/recording or a refund, at your discretion.

If you have ANY questions about any of these eClasses you can
call me at: 770-578-6976, or contact me via email, here.

Contact us to schedule a Complimentary Consulting Call

or to ask questions about any of our Hiring,
Coaching, Training and Assessment services.

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