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Magic Motivation Tools: Feed Forward and Triad Coaching Calls

Podcast #23 Show Notes

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Show Notes:

Overview of Episode #23. The following topics are covered: 

  • More Information about two development tools: Feed Forward and Triad Coaching Calls
  • What they are and why they work
  • My perspective  and hear from a Senior Leader who’s used both tools
  • How to use each tool - download step-by-step guide
  • Tips  to make them more effective

Timing on Recording: @  3:50 ---

Topic 1: What is Feed Forward?

  • A future focused way to get feedback for improvement. Simple three step process that focuses on the future, where you ask others for ideas for improvement.
  • Three Steps:
    1.  PICK ONE: Pick #1 behavior you most want to change and want to get suggestions from others about to improve
    2.  ASK & LISTEN – ASK: “I’m focused on doing a better job of (insert focus area here).  Do you have any ideas or suggestions for me?”   LISTEN to EVERY suggestion without defensiveness or push back. GOAL:-Get as many ideas as you can.
    3.  FOLLOW UP- determine top themes – use them as your development and in a coaching process (create a Dashboard top 3 to 5 priorities) See more about the Dashboard Podcast #20   Also follow up by reporting back to the people who gave you feedback – what you’re working on.
  • Why it's magic... my experience.
  • 16:06 - SVP Dennis Wallenta shares about his experience with Feed Forward
  • First discovered it in this book:  What Got You Here Won't Get You There: HOW SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE BECOME EVEN MORE  SUCCESSFUL.
  • Article: Leadership Traits That Hold You Back
  • Audible affiliate link:

Timing on Recording: @  26:53 ---

Topic 2:  My Coaching Process and Handout

Timing on Recording: @ 31:29 ---

Topic 3:  Second Magic Motivation tool Triad Coaching Call

  • What is it?  Three way call with me, a manager and employee who’s completed  a TriMetrix AssessmentUsually my second coaching call with a person who’s being coached and/or received an assessment.  60 minutes.  Employee and Manager Agenda in advance.
  • Senior Leader, Dennis, “We’ve never had a bad triad call.” "window of sharing and honesty" –“measurable change and improvement” 
  • Sample Triad Coaching Call Agenda -PDF

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