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Leadership Traits That Hold You Back:
What Got You Here, Won't Get You There

Twenty leadership traits that hold you back, 360 feedback and creating a  leadership development Marshall Goldsmith. A detailed book overview of What Got You Here Won't Get You There.

What are the leadership traits that most hold senior leaders back? Marshall Goldsmith, best selling author and the to many top executives, offers practical information on the bad habits that leaders need to overcome.

He shares how to measure these traits and more in his New York Times Bestseller: What Got You Here Won't Get You There: HOW SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE BECOME EVEN MORE SUCCESSFUL. 

20 Habits That Hold Leaders Back:

Here's Goldsmith's list of the 20 Habits Leaders have that will hinder further growth and expansion.  Do you have any of these 'hold-you-back' traits? 

  • 1. Winning Too Much  - The need to win at all costs.
  • 2. Adding Too Much Value - The overwhelming desire to add our two cents to every discussion.
  • 3. Passing Judgment - The need to rate others and impose on standards on them.
  • 4. Making Destructive Comments - The needless sarcasm & cutting remarks we make that we think makes us sound sharp and witty.
  • 5. Starting With "No" "But" "However" - The overuse of these negative qualifiers, which secretly say to everyone, "I'm right" and "You're wrong."
  • 6. Telling the World How Smart We Are - The need to show people we're smarter than they think we are.
  • 7. Speaking When Angry - Using emotional volatility as a management tool.
  • 8. Negativity or "Let Me Explain Why That Won't Work"  - The need to share our negative thoughts even when we weren't asked.
  • 9. Withholding Information - The refusal to share information in order to maintain an advantage over others.
  • 10. Failing to Give Proper Recognition - The inability to praise and reward.
  • 11. Claiming Credit That We Don't Deserve - The most annoying way to overestimate our contribution to any success.
  • 12. Making Excuses - The need to reposition our annoying behaviors as a permanent fixture so people excuse us for it.
  • 13. Clinging to the Past - The need to deflect blame away from self, and onto everyone else.
  • 14. Playing Favorites - Failing to see that we are treating someone unfairly.
  • 15. Refusing to Express Regret - The inability to take responsibility and express regret for our actions
  • 16. Not Listening - The most passive-aggressive form of disrespect for colleagues.
  • 17. Failing to Express Gratitude - The most basic form of bad manners.
  • 18. Punishing the Messenger - The misguided need to attack the innocent who are usually only trying to help us.
  • 19. Passing the Buck - The need to blame everyone but ourselves.
  • 20. An Excessive Need to Be "Me" - Exalting our faults as virtues simply because they're who we are.

Book Overview Video:

My 360 Degree Feedback Partner, Performance Support Systems, developed a great overview of Goldsmith's book in a PowerPoint video. Watch it and you'll get insights on how to use feedback to be the best leader you can be and how you can avoid being the leader who's stuck in old unproductive leadership traits:

Twenty leadership traits that hold you back, 360 feedback and creating a  leadership development Marshall Goldsmith. A detailed book overview of What Got You Here Won't Get You There.

Watch an Overview Video  About Feedback and Goldsmith's Book

**Be sure to use the powerful four step feed forward process
described in this video, covered at @ 9 minutes in...

How Do You Know?

So, how do you know if you or your leaders have these leadership traits and habits?  And if you do, how do you improve?  A great way to start, and something I recommend (Goldsmith does too) that you get feedback with a 360 Degree Feedback Survey.

360 Feedback

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