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Episode #99 - Creating Connection and Positive Relationships with Side-by-Side Reports

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The power and necessity of creating strong connections with your peers, leadership, and coworkers cannot be overstated. Especially when new leaders are coming into an organization and need to better understand their teams as quickly as possible.

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Overview of Episode #99 --- 

  • Why connecting matters more today than ever.
  • How Talent Insights Side-by-Side Report helps you create positive work relationships.
  • What the steps are for reviewing this report with a real-life example. 

One way to create connections and quickly build positive relationships is by using Talent Insights Side-by-Side Reports. Essentially we take any of the previously administered assessments done by two people and put them together, side by side, to quickly highlight areas of similarities and differences. 

Then we have those two people sit down and have a conversation about their reports. Before they ever get together, they’ll have picked out 3-5 top items out of each section to share and then explain why they picked those things and why they’re of great importance. 

It gives each person a vehicle for sharing what motivates them and how they like to communicate because they get to choose the things that matter most. 

This process eliminates months of “getting to know each other” because you get to dig into the core values and communication styles for each person up front. Listen as I share the process by which we facilitate these conversations and ways to use those conversations to create a more united team as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

In this episode: 

[02:15] Get ready to learn how to create connections through Talent Insights Side-by-Side Reports. 

[02:56] Why connection matters today, more than ever before. 

[06:47] Research shows that almost everyone feels lonely.

[09:29] Listen to a quick clip from Ryan Jenkins’ episode, Connectable. 

[13:27] Learn more about the Talent Insights Side-by-Side Report.

[15:19] Hear a testimonial, from a particularly reticent participant, on how it has changed his leadership style. 

[18:47] What the report covers.

[25:25] Ways to get the participants to open up and break the ice. 

[26:46] Start the process by looking at the Workplace Motivators. 

[32:16] For each section have the participants pick their top three items and share what they are and why they picked them. 

[35:02] How to choose 1 or 2 areas of opportunity to develop.

[37:47] Next time we talk about Side-by-Side Reports it’ll be on how to use them in the face of conflict. 

[40:33] Don’t forget to leave us a review and get your free Workplace Motivators Assessment.

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