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What One Characteristic of Leadership is Most Important? And, A Free Leadership Skill Quiz

What one characteristic of leadership is most important?

In my view, experience and through all the Research I've reviewed it is this: Your Ability to Build Trust with Others.

The firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength

of someone or something. To believe in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of.

If everyone understood and trusted your motives, if they always saw you as someone who's truthful, reliable, capable and strong, how much more effective and influential would you be?

How do you build this one most important characteristic with others?

First, test your skills in the four foundational leadership skills and behaviors that make or break all leaders in this free online quiz. Next, review the Resoruces for development below the Quiz link.

Free Leadership Skill Quiz:

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Resources for Mastering Your
Ability to Build Trust

It's interesting... Leaders consistently rate themselves higher on the leadership skills in the Free Quiz than their peers, bosses and employees. I know this from all of the 360 Feedback Surveys I completed with Leaders, asking the same questions in the Free Quiz, above.

Here's an example of one Leader's 360 Feedback results. If you look at this example you'll notice that on almost every question this Leader ranked himself higher than others did.

Many Leaders do this, thinking they are better at the skills important to building this most important characteristic of leadership, than they are. This is a BLIND SPOT: which is when you think you are really good at something, and the people around you don't agree. They see something (a problem behavior) that you're not aware of, yet. (BLIND SPOTS are what cause Leader's to most often struggle.)

To honestly assess and improve in your ability to master your ability to build trust, and to uncover your own BLIND SPOTS, try these free and fee resources from my business and this website:

characteristic of leadership, managing my team

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