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Why and How to Build Trust:
The Foundation of All High Performing Teams

If you know how to build trust on a Team, and you consistently focus on building it, you know how to build a high performing results-producing Team.

That's because, if you want Commitment, Accountability and Results, the starting point is always Trust.

Watch this inspiring video, a story that demonstrates the power of trust. I get goosebumps every time I watch this video.  It's about a community of young people choosing to see the best in someone. It also reveals a Universal Truth about what we ALL want in life. An important Truth to remember when we're seeking to build trust with others.
(4+ minutes)

"Without trust, words become the
hollow sound of a wooden gong. With trust, words become life itself."

It All Starts With Trust - Here's Why...

If you know how to build trust with other people, where they trust you and you trust them, EVERYTHING gets easier. When you have high trust relationships on a team less time is spent being defensive and more time is spent on solving problems, finding solutions, doing big things and accomplishing great results.

Teams that get results have built high trust with each other. The Team Building Model, with Trust as the foundation, has been most notably shared by Patrick Lencioni in his best selling book/fable: Five Dysfunctions of a Team. In it Lencioni reveals five dysfunctions that BLOCK a Team's success.

A Suzie Recommendation: I recommend that you read
Five Dyfunctions book or listen to the Audio version.

It's well-written, in fable-fashion, and provides free team building activities and a ton of practical insight. It's NOT dull and 'nothing new' like so many leadership books can be!

When I was listening to the audio version, I couldn't wait to get back to it to hear the rest of the story! Consider getting the book for your entire team prior to your team-building event - if your budget allows. It'll help your Team understand why you're focused on showing the Team how to build to trust.

Trust - The Foundation for RESULTS!

When trust is high, everything moves faster and is less expensive.

Think about teammates and peers you've trusted over the years. Because you trusted these people, you were able to focus on the facts and the situation at-hand. No time was spent worrying about the other person's motives or hidden agendas when you had high trust, right?

Now think about someone you've not trusted. How well did you work together?

Low Trust = Slower and More Expensive

A good example: look at the security checks at the airport. This is a low-trust situation. Which means more time for us, and more money and expense for the Aviation Industry. (The Atlanta airport, my hometown, is the slowest!)

Trust is the foundation of every group situation and experience. And without it on a Team, the Team will not thrive over the long-term.

That's because when trust is high, people share their true thoughts and opinions, and people share what they think, not holding back. This results in productive conflict, this is when conflict looks like passionate but respectful discussions. You know your team's on-track (that is, building trust) when they're having these types of discussions.

That's because passionate discussions about problems and solutions lead to better decisions amd stronger commitment to the decisions.That's because even if someone's ideas and opinions were not adopted, if they know their opinions were heard and considered, they can more easily likely commit to what the Team or Leader later decides.

When you have greater commitment, you gain greater accountability. That's because the Team now supports, and is committed to the decisions. So each Team Member will now, tend to,hold each other accountable for their actions. And higher accountability leads to a stronger focus on results.

To RECAP: High trust leads to-> productive conflict & passionate, honest, 'sharing what I really think' discussions-> which led to greater commitment to whatever decisions are made-> which results in higher accountability to the decisions->which helps create the right results.

And, the starting point is Trust. It all started with trust!

So, can you now see why trust is the foundation, and how valuable spending time on helping your Team know how to build trust with each other, and how important it is that you, as the Leader, know how to build trust in ALL of your communication and actions?

If you're not sure where to begin to help your team be more effective: begin with building trust.

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"Michael, if you can't pass, you can't play."
Coach Dean Smith for Michael Jordan's Freshman year

Do You Think They Trusted Each Other To Do This?

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