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We Found Secrets for Relationship Building in This...

by Pam
(Salt Lake City)

Suzie, Here's a personal story. When I started dating a year and a half ago, I had my new 'friend' take the DISC Communication Style and Workplace Motivators through the links on your site. We watched the debrief videos/eCourses and used all the cool worksheets on your site to see where we were similar and where we were different.

Turns out our top communication style is similar, we're both extroverts and love to talk and express. But he likes to move at a steady pace and avoids conflict. While I like to move fast and can be very direct and assertive when in conflict.

On the motivators side he's high Social/Altruistic and Theoretical (he thrives when he can help others and learn). I'm high Utilitarian/Economic and Theoretical (I thrive when I can get results and learn.)

How this all is showing up in our relationship and in business (we're now working together), is that I'm usually the risk-taker and I always push for determining what's the bottom line (the Business Person's Soul). I expect to get maximum pay in all work deals.

He's not thinking about the work deal and the return on investment as much, he's focused on the people and what they need first. (the Helping Others Soul) Money and being practical is much less of a priority for him.

We both love and enjoy together going to seminars and reading books (the Learner's Soul) - it's an easy way for us to connect and share together.

The great thing is when these discussions and some tension come up, we refer to our assessment results and the tension diffuses immediately. "Well that's your high Utilitarian talking, dear." Having this framework totally defuses the emotion, releases the judgment and the need to be "right".

We really get that it's just our perspective and how we see the world and that each view is valuable.

Our mutual Theoretical (the Learner's Soul) interests then helps us dig a little more to get to the facts and data behind our "story".

Let me just wrap up by saying, I wouldn't want to try and navigate a relationship nowadays without the benefit of these tools! Thanks for the tools AND all the cool self-study debrief material you provide here Suzie!



Thank you for taking time to share about your experience!

These tools have done the same for me and every relationship I have - differences are easier to appreciate and honor. There's much less focus on who's "right" and a greater focus on how each difference adds more interest and value to every interaction, whether it's business or personal.

They could be considered dating tools!

You're the best for sharing. Good luck on the new relationship AND the new business. Thank You for Being a Part of the Wake Up Eager Community.

All the Best, and More!

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