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What Great Leaders Do to Keep Their Motivation and Self Esteem Strong...

Gr8 leaders & sales pros continually focus on improving motivation and self esteem by building self awareness @ their greatest strengths & blind spots w/ this DISC Assessment program.

Do you pay enough attention to your ever-evolving motivation and self esteem needs? If your energy and interest in your work is lagging, putting more attention here will help.

Great leaders are ALWAYS paying attention to improving their skills and evolving their understanding of themselves and of others. They don't allow themselves to get complacent and lazy about their personal and professional development 'work,' even as they move up and find success.

Ongoing personal and professional development keeps motivation and self esteem strong. It's one of the ways great leaders stay great, focused and engaged in their work.

"Income seldom exceeds personal development." Jim Rohn

"Play" To Your Strengths...

Gr8 leaders & sales pros continually focus on improving motivation and self esteem by building self awareness @ their greatest strengths & blind spots w/ this DISC Assessment program.

Successful people have also figured out that they can't be great at everything. They've learned how to name, claim and fully leverage their interpersonal and professional strengths.

Ask any successful Leader about their strengths and greatest talents they'll be able to tell you, specifically, what they are.  They're really good at naming their strengths because they've figured out that success comes from spending their time cultivating and building upon them.

They don't waste a lot of time worrying about their 'weaknesses' or trying to 'be perfect.' They build upon, and leverage, their strengths! (THIS is how everyone can strengthen motivation and self esteem: 'play' to your strengths...)

Can YOU name YOUR top strengths as a Leader? Are you leveraging and building upon them every day? If you are not able to name your strengths, consider taking my Leadership or Sales Strengths and Blind Spots DISC Assessment Program. Find out more, below, here.

“Let everything be allowed to do what it naturally does,
so its' nature will be satisfied.” Chuang Tzu

"Manage" Your Blind Spots

Knowing and consciously using your strengths is essential to more motivation and self esteem (and success) because, once we know what they are, we can also become aware of and "manage" our Blind Spots.

What are Blind Spots? Blind spots are the things you say and do unconsciously that get in the way of your being effective with others. Your blind spots are, almost always, related to an overuse of your strengths.

They're called blind spots because YOU don't "see them" or even realize that you're doing this 'thing' that bothers others. That's because you're so good at your strengths, without specific awareness of them,, they can ALSO become your downfall! YOU don't "see" your blind spots, but OTHER PEOPLE do.

Unless you seek out the information you unwittingly remain unaware that you're causing your own 'slip and fall' career situations and problems! And THAT can certainly dampen your motivation a nd self esteem, as well as your long-term success.

Blind Spot Examples

Blind Spot Example One: One of Sales Pro Jim's greatest strengths is his ability to make connections with other people (including strangers). His friendly, open and optimistic nature helps him open doors and get appointments with ease. People like him and are willing to meet with him.

His blind spot causes problems in meetings when he, without realizing it, overuses his strength and he talks to much, listens too little and ends up misses key client objections and buying signals.

Blind Spot Example Two: One of Leader Sally's great strengths is her ability to analyze data and situations accurately and thoroughly. She's almost never wrong about any detail, and she makes sound and thoughtful decisions.

Her blind spot can cause problems for her when she, without realizing it, overuses her strength and she over-analyzes decisions, misses deadlines and stalls progress because she's over-focused on accuracy and perfection.

Unawareness of your blind spots causes stress and strain at work. Without awareness of them, you don't manage them, and the backlash can cause your motivation and self esteem to plummet!

Using the TriMetrixHD Assessment  To "Play" to Your Strengths and "Manage" Your Blind Spots

The best tool I've found to help Leaders "play" to their strengths and "manage" their blind spots is the TriMetrixHD Report. This online assessment tool  along with online coaching and our self-study tools - reveals:

This popular online assessment tool (over 40 million people have taken it!) along with my online coaching and self-study tools - tell you:

  • Your Style, Motivator and Personal SkillStrengths
  • Specific Talents and Value You Bring to Your Work
  • 'Do's and Don'ts' for Communicating with You (A great list to share with your team, peers and family!)
  • Your Ideal Work Environment
  • Others Perceptions of You and Your Approach
  • Keys to What Motivates You and how You Like to Be Managed
  • Top Stressors

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