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Understanding and Using My DISC Assessment 

These professional development resources are for you! We want you to confidently claim your strengths, manage your blind spots, so that you and your team wake up eager every day, feeling productive, satisfied and successful!

 "To understand, appreciate and grow our relationships with others,
must first understand, appreciate and grow ourselves."  
Suzie Price, Founder of PPD

Video - Understanding My Assessment 

Watch this video to begin to understand your assessment results:

Resources for Understanding and Using Your Results

    Essential Resources:

Building Awareness of My (and Other's) Strengths and Potential Blind Spots:

Going Deeper - Personal and Professional Development 

Behavioral Hierarchy Workbooks:  Select the workbooks that match your highest and lowest scoring items on the Behavioral Hierarchy page of your assessment to learn more about using your strengths and managing potential blind spots.

More In-Depth Professional Development with DISC:

Leadership:  Achieving extraordinary business results through people.

The One Thing We All Have in Common...  
Use your assessment results to recognize, understand, respect, and appreciate other's strengths.  Help them bring their best to their work and life.   Let them know that they valued for who they are.

"If we are truly to have  the best relationships with others, this ONE thing is something we have in common with ALL people on Earth - People will forget you said. People will forget what you did.   But they will never forget how you made them feel... because the need to feel valued and respected is universal."  

Leadership is achieving extraordinary business results through people.  Use these resources and your assessment results to understand, value and lead others by activating their greatness.

Workbook: Leadership

Video: Leadership: Expanding Your Impact            

Video: Leadership: Managing Your Emotions

Video: Leadership: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Video: Leadership: Do You Have It?

Audio: Activate Greatness: What Great Coaches and Leaders Do

Audio:  Leading and Working Remotely - Top Tips from Master Facilitator Michael Wilkinson

Inspiring Leadership Videos and Recommended Reading: 

    Inspiring Leadership Videos:

Suzie's Recommended Reading:

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