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Episode #102 - How Caliber Collision Invests in Talent - The Future of the Workforce with Eddie Hightower - Part 1

How Caliber Collision Invests in Talent - The Future of the Workforce with Eddie Hightower - Episode 102

Over the years, we have lost the value of apprenticeship programs, and several industries worldwide are feeling the squeeze of the limited number of skilled laborers that they need to succeed. Listen in to hear more about the future of the workforce and what it means to invest in talent.

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Overview of Episode #102 --- 

  • How Caliber Collision's Technician Apprenticeship Program addresses the shortage of trained technicians in the automotive industry.
  • How this program has impacted the industry talent shortage, decreased turnover and increased pride in the work. 
  • How Edde uses the power of inspiration, influence, vulnerability and emotional resilience in his personal and professional life.

Caliber Collision is flipping the script with its very successful and very impactful apprenticeship program. New technicians are brought in and taught all the skills they need to become competent technicians. Unlike other programs, the technicians in Caliber’s program are turning a profit for the company by the fourth month of their program!

Today, I’m chatting with Eddie Hightower, the Senior Vice President of Sustainability and Social Responsibility for Caliber Collision. He shares his insight into the program’s importance, why society has steered away from apprenticeship in the past few decades, and why it is needed now more than ever.

Eddie is committed to building a sustainable workforce for Caliber Collision and speaks about the importance of company culture in your workforce. Without culture, all of your strategy is dead in the water.

Join us today to hear more about the wealth that Caliber’s apprenticeship program is bringing to the automotive repair industry, and stay tuned for more inspirational insight from Eddie in part 2!

In this episode: 

[01:14] Welcome back to the Wake Up Eager Workforce Podcast! 

[02:51] Today, we talked with Eddie Hightower about how Caliber Collision is addressing the industry's shortage of skilled automotive technicians. 

[11:05] We welcome Eddie to the show, and he shares some background on Caliber Collision’s apprenticeship program for technicians. 

[13:26] Is apprenticeship back? Why did we ever turn away from apprenticeship programs?

[19:26] Caliber Collision is a purpose-driven company that invests heavily in its employees and the industry. 

[21:52] The ROI on Caliber’s apprenticeship program may surprise you!

[24:28] Eddie’s commitment to building a sustainable workforce and the impact of that.

[27:10] Contribute or enroll in Caliber’s program on their website.

[29:54] Culture is the key to a sustainable workforce 

[34:24] The impact of the workforce culture on the Mentors in the apprenticeship program. 

[39:04] Did you enjoy part 1? Join us for part 2 in episode #102!

Information Shared in the Podcast:

Eddie Hightower - LinkedIn
Caliber Collision Video - Here's a fantastic video where TAP Students, Mentors, Trainers, Graduates, and Regional Managers share how this program has impacted them.

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