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Episode #103 - How Caliber Collision Invests in Talent - The Future of the Workforce with Eddie Hightower - Part 2

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We jump back in with Eddie Hightower and discuss his strengths and motivators, how they play into what he does in his role, and how he works best.

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Overview of Episode #103 --- 

  • How Caliber Collision's Technician Apprenticeship Program addresses the shortage of trained technicians in the automotive industry.
  • How this program has impacted the industry talent shortage, decreased turnover and increased pride in the work. 
  • How Edde uses the power of inspiration, influence, vulnerability and emotional resilience in his personal and professional life.

Understanding strengths and motivators for how employees behave in the workplace helps us match the responsibilities of the role. Caliber nailed it when they matched Eddie for the role of Senior Vice President of Sustainability and Social Responsibility – his strengths are perfect for the demands of his position, and they fit so beautifully together.

Many factors bring us to where we are in our careers, and we often have mentors who give us a loving nudge along the way. Eddie shares in this episode how his father and the general counsel at Caliber have helped him understand the value of doing the right thing, working hard, and the practicality behind the work you do. 

Waking up eager each day does require effort on our part, and to help Eddie keep a Wake Up Eager attitude, he shares some of his secrets for nurturing his mind, body, and spirit. Setting aside time each day to think allows Eddie to pour back into his personal or professional development and explore new ideas or inspirations in his work. He has a rower in his home that gives him the physical movement he needs each morning, and he volunteers at a local animal shelter to keep his spirit cup filled. 

The big takeaway that we’ve learned from Eddie is that there are many options for furthering education once kids leave high school and enter the workforce. Colleges and Universities do not have to be their first choice when trade schools and apprenticeship programs can offer rewarding and lucrative careers in a fraction of the time. 

Thank you so much for joining us today! I hope you loved the messages that Eddie shared in parts one and two, and we look forward to sharing more inspirational interviews just like his in the future!

In this episode: 

[00:47] Welcome back to the Wakeup Eager Workforce Podcast! 

[01:28] I pick up where we left off with Eddie and talk more about his workforce strengths.

[06:36] Eddie describes how he uses his strengths in his role. 

[15:57] Eddie shares some of his biggest influencers. 

[20:30] How can setting some time aside each day specifically for thinking change your success?

[22:44] What’s Eddie’s secret to making time for exercise each day?

[24:09] Eddie speaks about volunteering at the local no-kill shelter in his community. 

[25:11] What advice would Eddie give his 25-year-old self?

[26:28] What messages does Eddie want to share about bravery and education programs?

[31:05] Closing tokens of wisdom from Eddie.

[32:49] My big takeaways from the last two episodes

[39:23] Thanks for tuning in today!

Information Shared in the Podcast:

Eddie Hightower - LinkedIn
Caliber Collision Video - Here's a fantastic video where TAP Students, Mentors, Trainers, Graduates, and Regional Managers share how this program has impacted them.

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