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Episode #91 - Executive Presence and the Power of Options with Shawn Simon

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What is Executive Presence, and how do you know if you have it? Executive Presence is a leader’s ability to engage, align, and inspire people to move and act. Having an Executive Presence in the workplace means you are the person people turn to for solutions and guidance, and it provides you with a position of influence.

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Overview of Episode #91 --- 

  • Developing Executive Presence
  • The Benefits of Feedback and Scientific Rigor
  • The Four Power Options and How They Relate to DISC Styles
  • Understanding DISC and Motivators
  • Shawn's Career Story From Executive to Executive Coach

My guest, Shawn Simon, has over 25 years of experience in coaching and leading sales and marketing teams at Fortune 500 companies. He is also an entrepreneur with the build of a successful biotech startup. He has the experience that most executives deal with on a daily basis, and - as an executive coach - he works with CEOs, Presidents, and Directors to achieve their key goals and build productive habits. 

As it turns out, your ability to have Executive Presence in the workplace is directly correlated with the level of your EQ, which is the measurement of your emotional intelligence. When you are the go-to person for problems that need to be solved, or you’re working with a team to accomplish a project, it is key that you understand how to speak to your audience and provide them with what they need so that they are able to provide you with what you need.

This involves a high amount of self-awareness, as you need to understand how you are being perceived by others. Not only will you need to be self-aware, but also aware of how your team members will perceive you based on their personal biases that are identified in their own DISC assessments. 

We love the DISC assessment and the motivators it identifies because it helps you understand where you provide the most value in your work and where your influence is leveraged most. If you love the DISC, you’ll love today’s episode! Tune in now to hear more about how self-awareness, awareness of your team's DISC assessments, and your ability to read your audience make up your Executive Presence.

In this episode:

[00:01:28] Welcome to the Wake Up Eager Workforce Podcast! 

[00:03:08] We are talking about Executive Presence and the power of options today and what it looks like to embody that in the workplace by having self-awareness as a leader.

[00:04:29] I’d like to introduce my guest, Shawn Simon, and his background and expertise.

[00:08:00] What is executive presence, and why does it matter? 

[00:14:38] Shawn shares some background on the DISC Assessment and how it helps you better interact with others. 

[00:22:27] Shawn shares some telltale signs that you have Executive Presence and some ways that you can acquire it if you don’t have it right now. 

[00:24:04] Shawn and Suzie discuss a Harvard Business Review article, The Power Options: Always Give Yourself Four Ways to Win, by David Noble and Carol Kaufman. This article helps leaders understand what their audience needs in an effort to allow them to build Executive Presence with their team. 

[00:32:33] Shawn speaks about strategies that help leaders improve their presence and maintain influence with their audiences. This can help in reducing resistance by seeking to understand your audience. 

[00:37:10] Shawn shares his top DISC styles and the insight he has gained about how he works and communicates. 

[00:45:35] Shawn and Suzie discuss motivators and how they impact the way you work. Motivators help identify where you bring the most value to your work and how to better identify the best working environment for you. Shawn and Suzie discuss some of the most common motivators in executives and how they are displayed in the workplace. 

[00:51:49] Shawn speaks about EQ (emotional intelligence) and the role it plays in developing and maintaining Executive Presence through your leadership style.

[00:53:27] How Shawn found his way into coaching. 

[00:57:10] Some of Shawn’s Wake Up Eager tips that keep him in touch with his mind, body, and spirit. 

[01:00:47] Shawn’s advice to his 25-year-old self would be to get in touch with himself through the three sciences because it is foundational for all your future engagements.

[01:01:33] Shawn’s message on a billboard would be to “Make Your Journey with the Trimetric EQ” because it is the foundation for a great journey in life. 

[01:02:21] Shawn shares parting words and closing thoughts surrounding Executive Presence and the self-awareness it takes for you to lean into being an effective leader.

[01:03:40] The best ways to get in touch with Shawn. Call him today for a free consultation! 

[01:05:02] Thanks for listening to The Wake Up Eager Workforce Podcast today! 

Information Shared in the Podcast:

Consulting for Dummies by Bob Nelson 
The Seismic Shift in Leadership: How to Thrive in a New Era of Connection by Michelle K Johnston Ph.D
The Power of Options from the Harvard Business Review
Support for Executive Presence additional resources provided by Shawn Simon

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Connect with Shawn:
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