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Episode #111: Employee Wellness and Safety - Helping Everyone be Their Version of a Jobsite Athlete with Kelly Lynch Feldkamp

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It is hard to Wake Up Eager when you are in physical pain. In this episode, I speak with Kelly Lynch Feldkamp, founder of Provention Plus, about how wellness programs impact company culture, how soft tissue injuries impact your bottom line, how everybody is a Jobsite Athlete, and the benefit of understanding the impact of posture and movement in the workplace.

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Overview of Episode #111 --- 

  • How wellness programs impact company culture.
  • How soft tissue injuries impact your bottom line.
  • How everyone is a jobsite athlete.
  • Understanding the impact posture and movement plus top posture tips for feeling better.
  • Exploring: Life as an entrepreneur, business expansion and balancing family life.

Provention Plus is an on-site injury prevention company that is changing the way companies take care of their manual labor or craft employees. Kelly is also the creator of the Move Better Program, which has been used by thousands of jobsite athletes over the last 20 years. She has a passion for helping Jobsite Athletes reduce the discomfort that has been accepted as a necessary part of manual labor professions. 

The biggest component of Provention Plus is making a connection with each human they interact with beyond the correction and prevention of their injuries. Ensuring that someone cares about them at work is key to promoting wellness in the workplace, and you can’t prevent injuries just based on what a Jobsite Athlete is doing only on the job. These people have lives beyond their work that also impact their performance, and you have to look at the whole individual to get the best care and prevention for each individual. 

Another important thing to remember is that we are all Jobsite Athletes. Whether you are doing manual labor on a job site or sitting at your desk all day, we are all prone to soft tissue injuries from ignoring the needs of our bodies in our job roles. We all have a body that needs to feel great for us to perform at our jobs, and we need to do what we can to counteract the toll that our work takes on our bodies.

I know you’re going to love this episode and the tips and tricks that Kelly shares. Tune in today to hear more about wellness in the workplace and what you can do to make sure that you keep your body feeling great so you can continue to Wake Up Eager! 

In this episode: 

[00:00:41] Welcome to the Wake Up Eager Workforce Podcast!

[00:01:47] I share some about Kelly Lynch Feldkamp’s background and expertise. 

[00:04:14] Welcome to the show, Kelly! Tell us about what you and your team do surrounding culture, safety, and wellness.

[00:09:47] Kelly shares about soft tissue injuries and how they impact the bottom line of businesses. 

[00:13:18] How has wellness culture shifted in the workplace over the last 20 years? 

[00:17:00] What is a Jobsite Athlete, and how can they maintain their bodies for their jobs?

[00:21:01] The human connection is fundamental to wellness in the workplace. 

[00:25:04] What would Kelly change about how companies think about safety? 

[00:33:02] Kelly shares some key tips to increase your movement and prevent workplace injuries.

[00:41:00] Kelly shares who has influenced her most in life.

[00:46:56] Kelly’s Mind, Body, and Spirit tips that help her Wake Up Eager. 

[00:50:53] Provention Plus’s role in employee onboarding on the job site. 

[00:54:08] The role that sobriety plays in the body and how lifestyle changes can help prevent injuries. 

[00:57:56] Kelly’s advice to her younger self. 

[01:00:11] The special message that Kelly would like to share with the world. 

[01:05:22] Parting words of wisdom from Kelly.

[01:06:56] Thanks for listening to my chat with Kelly today - here are my parting thoughts on the episode.

[01:10:55] Thanks for tuning in to the Wake Up Eager Workforce Podcast!

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