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On Page 1 of this Self Confidence Techniques Article you completed the free Quiz for Self Esteem. Now it's time for you to look at the second technique:

Technique #2: Craft a Plan

If you'd like to rate your self higher some of the areas covered in the free quiz decide if you really want to make improvements now.

There's power in deciding.

But you are where is where you are...

So if you're not ready to work on this right now, that's more than okay.

Trusting your sense of timing and focus is, in its own way, a self confidence booster!

If now is the right time for you, begin using the techniques in this Program:

My Review of: The Peak Confidence Program

I looked at all sorts of online resources for self confidence techniques.

I've not been impressed with many - most are simply a rehash of trite statements and have nothing new to offer.

I did not like any of them until I found: The Peak Confidence Program

self confidence techniques

I like it because its comprehensive Program. Having a Program is important because strengthening self confidence is an ongoing process, not a one time event, and the Step-by-Step Guides and Workbook in this Program provide a good way to continually evolve and grow.

The authors share numerous and specific self confidence building insights and techniques, many of which I talk about reference on this Wake Up Eager website. So, the program is pretty compatible with what I believe, and with my experiences around continually building my own self esteem and confidence.

I like that the program material is download-able so you can begin using all of the materials immediately, which include:

  • Peak Confidence Book (54 pages)
  • The Peak Confidence Workbook (25 pages
  • The Easy Guide to Building Self Esteem book (67 pages)
  • The Confidence Boosting Software

The Confidence Boosting software is interesting. I have it running right now as I'm typing this article.

It's a self confidence technique based on using subliminal messaging technology by broadcasting positive affirmations into your mind while you work. Positive messages flash on and off on my screen quickly, every few seconds.

It's kind of weird, but after awhile I kind of liked it and mostly forgot about it. I do like it though - the message I just saw on my computer read, "I am inspired to do great things!" I love that!

The science around subliminal messaging is interesting, and we see evidence of it all around us and it's prevalent in advertising. You know - just like when advertisers show yummy popcorn at the movies to entice us to buy popcorn.

Our actions ARE influenced by what we focus on. I personally like a more direct method of focusing my thoughts through appreciation, meditation and journaling, but I'm also not against a technology that successful athletes like Tiger Woods use!

The entire Program costs $17.95 with a 60 day refund.

If you decide to get it at the online checkout they offer another program that I also purchased. If it doesn't interest you, be sure to skip it.

For anyone interested, the second Program provides additional self confidence techniques with a focus on Assertiveness (65+ pages) and Charisma (65+ pages).

It also comes with 12 different MP3's of subliminal messaging music. It's very pleasant. I've had it playing in the background while I've been typing, and along with the words flashing across the screen from the Confidence Boosting software, WOW - I'm getting a double-dosed!

I'm assuming that that's okay! Watch out world...

And just so you know I've gotten follow up emails from the author after my purchase. But the good news is they have an easy unsubscribe link if you do not want the follow up information and emails.

If you've decided to be and feel more bold and confidence, every time you walk into any room, start with solid Program. Check It Out Here.

"Raising self esteem is a personalized art form. Some self confidence techniques may work on others and some don't. Try to mix and match, experiment as far and wide as you can until you get a good handle on yourself. And you'll find things will get better and better for you."
Creators of the Peak Self Confidence Program, Victor Keith & Greg Frost

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