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Wake Up Eager - Working From Home Resources

        Feeling empowered.   Being happy and productive.  Creating ease.

Here we're sharing top ideas and resources to help you, your team and family with hybrid work - where you are working from home more than 50% of the time. Here are complimentary resources. Pick the area that is most helpful to you, right now: 


  • Use our complimentary Working from Home report for personalized tips based upon your DISC Style, and gain insight and communication tips for team mates and family.  Get your report now  by clicking here.  (Takes 10 minutes to complete.  Results go directly to the email address entered when you start. Feel free to share this link and your report!)
  • Use this: Five Question Worksheet - Craft a Plan to Work From Home In Peace
  • Use this  DISC Stress guide/article for additional ideas around what each DISC style wants and needs from you.  (This was written for the holidays, but there are nuggets in there that apply to today!)

Complimentary resources for you, your team and your family members! 



  • Spring 2020 Newsletter: Three Lessons Learned from 9/11 Apply to Today
  • The #1 Best Practice for Leaders:  “Over Communicate.”   We highly recommend a morning and afternoon remote “huddle” to keep in constant communication. This will lessen fear and bring about calm in the mist of all of this uncertainty.  

    Sample "huddle" meeting agenda:
    1. Conduct round robin check-ins, going alphabetically by first name.  Have a minute or two each of each person sharing what's going well right now and what is challenging. (Don't skip this part ' as too personal'! NOW, more than ever before, people need to connect, to have a voice and to be heard.)
    2. Then, go around again and ask each person to share on their work:

         a) what they've accomplished since the last 'huddle' before
         b) what they plan to do that day
         c) share any road blocks they're encountering
        d) ask for any help they need

Podcast Episode #69: A Discussion with internationally-known Master Facilitator Michael Wilkinson Top Tips for Leading and Working Remotely  (Recorded March 25, 2020 in Response to Stay-In Mandates Due to the Corona-virus.)  We cover:

  •  Top 3 tips for leaders – what should be doing right now.
  • Top 3 tips for virtual meetings - what should be doing right now
  • How Micheal's company is working remotely; what’s working and what’s been a challenge.  And how he's personally dealing with the stay-at-home mandate.
  • Bottom line advice for leaders, anyone holding a virtual session and to anyone who is struggling right now.

Also, check out seventeen podcast episodes focused on Leadership and Communication Best Practices, here.

Hold Virtual Team Meetings:
Done for you tools to use with assessment
results to bring the team together:

One Hour Workshop - Team Workshop
Sample PPT with Facilitator Notes
with this Handout  and this One Page Team Member Recap 

Time Zone and Date Calculator:

As you’re scheduling calls with clients and team members across the globe use this
nifty time zone and date calculator. 


Stress is at an all-time high for many of us. Use these resources to cope and find balance when you can:

 Complimentary resources for you, your team and your family members! 


  • For High School or College-Age teens and young adults: This is a good time to help them reveal and see their intrinsic genius, and providing customized career study and college insight with the Student TriMetrix Assessment.**  It includes these complimentary student-related development downloads and videos for career insights, family discussion, educator tools and college-related tips. Results will come to the email address entered when the student starts.  **Net proceeds are donated to our non-profit partner company, Indigo Education Company, to support their ongoing work with students globally.

SGN - Some Good News 'Network' with John Krasinski

This made us smile. We thought you would enjoy it too!

Stay safe. Stay well.
Please let us know how we can support you and
your teams connect more when working remotely.
We are here for you. 

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