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What Research Reveals About How to Train and Retain the Millennial Employee

Wake Up Eager Workforce Podcast #4 - Show Notes

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Show Notes:

Overview of Episode #4. The following topics are covered:

  • Who's a Millennial and how this research was conducted.
  • The top motivators and driving forces for this Generation.
  • What they want
  • Eight tips for managing, training and retaining Generation Y

Interviewing: Bette Price, The Price Group Leadership

Topic #1 - Who's a Millennial and How This Research Was Conducted:

Timing on Recording: @ 7:45 ---

  • Millennial / Generation Y - employees born 1978 - 2000.  (People as young as 15 and up to 37 years old)
  • Research:  Two years, over 500 Millennials who were college graduated and working in their careers.  Included: surveys, assessments, one-one interviews and focus groups.
  • Recap of Bette's Research: GenBlending

Topic # 2: Top Values and Driving Forces

Timing on Recording: @ 16:30 ---

  • Top Motivators for this Generation:
    #1 - Utilitarian/Economic - The Business Person - A focus on getting results and return on investment.  "If I put my time in and I want good results. I want to make things better."
    #2 -  Social/Altruistic - The Serving and Helping Others driver - A focus on the inherent and genuine caring of other people.  "very team oriented and collaborative."
    #3 - Theoretical/Knowledge - The Learner - A focus on gaining knowledge and learning.  Knowledge sponges.
  • I want to get results so I can do things for the people I care about.  
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Topic # 3What They Want...

Timing on Recording: @ 19:10---

  • Do not put me in a box.
  • Give me experiential learning.  (Not just book learning.)
  • Eager to contribute - but let me know how what I am doing to contribute to the big picture.
  • Like a flattened organization where they can make an impact and not be "put in a box".  Highly structured, large organizations are less appealing.

Topic # 4:  How to Manage the Millennial Employee

Timing on Recording: @ 31:15 ---

  • THE ONE THING YOU CAN BEGIN DOING RIGHT AWAY:  Get the know them, ask about their personal life, engage frequently, get to know who they really are and allow flexibility.
  • Top Tips:
    - Time is clockless - what counts is results.  Give me flexibility.
    - Trust is a must.
    - They want balance and will create it. 
    - Do not micromanage.  ("Do you not trust me?")
    - Give me feedback.
    - If what you say in the interview does not match my true experience, when on the job, I will leave.
    - Ask me what I think.  I want to be involved.
    -  I want to feel valued.

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