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Episode #109 - Personal Transformation is Possible with The Possibility Man Stephen Middleton, Ph.D. - Part 2

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I continued my discussion with Dr. Stephen Middleton today in Part 2 of his interview. If you ever feel like you are having difficulty finding the opportunities you want, this episode is just what you need to give you a little boost of encouragement that opportunities are all around us – we just have to be open to them.   

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Overview of Episode #109 --- 

  • How Stephen became known as The Possibility Man.
  • From picking cotton to a Ph.D. and US Constitutional Historian.
  • Health and wellness tips and Possibility Action Hour.
  • The importance of building a community and a sense of belonging.

The possibilities that we have in life do not only pertain to opportunities in career and education but to our health as well. Dr. Middleton and I discuss chronic disease and how diet is a direct factor in so many illnesses and even has the potential to reverse disease. 

Dr. Middleton speaks about the Rochester Institute for Lifestyle Medicine and what an incredible resource it is for those curious about transitioning to a more holistic, plant-based diet. When your cells are supplied with the phytonutrients of plants, you will notice a transition in your body toward healing and health.

Dr. Stephen Middleton’s motivators, identified by the Insights Assessment, perfectly match his business and entrepreneurial mindset. He is a go getter and is focused on results, and he shares that the amount of opportunities that we have as Americans is endless. 

This entire interview had me on cloud nine because we have such a synergy and similar outlook on life. He has inspired me, and I know he will inspire you. Tune in today to hear more about the life of Dr. Stephen Middleton, and be sure to catch Part 1 if you missed it!

In this episode:

[00:44] Welcome to the Wake Up Eager Workforce Podcast!

[01:34] Dr. Middleton shares the impact of a plant-based diet on his health.

[13:57] I speak with Dr. Middleton about his Insights assessment. 

[16:44] Dr. Middleton shares a new appreciation of the opportunities that we have as Americans. 

[17:19] Business opportunities begin by solving a problem. 

[20:04] The true power of self-awareness and showing others the goodness in themselves.

[23:46] Dr. Middleton shares his insight on his mind, body, and spirit practices. 

[28:48] The significant influences in Dr. Middleton’s life.

[34:14] Advice the Dr. Middleton would share with his 25-year-old self. 

[36:22] The message that Dr. Stephen Middleton wants to share with the world. 

[37:22] Parting words from Dr. Stephen Middleton.

[42:53] My favorite quote from Dr. Stephen Middleton.

[43:45] Thanks for listening to the Wake Up Eager Workforce Podcast! 

Information Shared in the Podcast:

Dr. Fuhrman - Eat to Live Author - Possibility Man Podcast Episode

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Dr. Stephen Middleton


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