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Episode #108 - Personal Transformation is Possible with The Possibility Man Stephen Middleton, Ph.D. - Part 1

Episode 108 Hero

It’s always nice to have a reminder of what is possible in our lives, and I want to bring that reminder to you today through my interview with Dr. Stephen Middleton - The Possibility Man. 

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Overview of Episode #108 --- 

  • How Stephen became known as The Possibility Man.
  • From picking cotton to a Ph.D. and US Constitutional Historian.
  • Health and wellness tips and Possibility Action Hour.
  • The importance of building a community and a sense of belonging.

Beginning his life in rural South Carolina, Dr. Middleton came to the realization that he was meant for more in this life than farming. He shares stories of inspiration that he gained from his uncle at a young age, who taught him that anything is possible and that the concept of “can’t” is dead. 

After falling in love with history, he discovered the beautiful union of history and law and specialized in US constitutional history. After teaching at multiple universities across the country and ultimately teaching his specialty, he had the opportunity to be an administrator, develop an academic curriculum, and devote his time to research before he retired. 

He still shows his love for his South Carolina roots and discusses how he stayed in touch with his family during his educational career. Retirement has found him comfortably at home in South Carolina where he is currently devoting his time to the autobiography of the amazing judge Robert Heberton Terrell, whom little is known about.

This episode is jam-packed with inspirational advice and anecdotes that I know you will love. Tune in today to hear more about The Possibility Man and to discover what is possible for you. Don’t forget to join us for Part 2 to hear more about Dr. Stephen Middleton’s story. 

In this episode: 

[00:49] Welcome to the Wake Up Eager Workforce Podcast!

[04:06] Welcome my guest, Dr. Stephen Middleton, The Possibility Man.

[05:12] Dr. Middleton shares the influence of his uncle in his life. 

[09:29] How Dr. Middleton became The Possibility Man and how his ‘downloads’ have directed his life’s path. 

[15:12] Practices to be more receptive to the possibilities surrounding you.

[17:15] The Possibility Action Network exists to remind others that your aspirations are possible. 

[18:17] Dr. Middleton’s possibility story.

[22:56] How Dr. Middleton kept in touch with his family throughout his possibility journey. 

[25:13] Dr. Middleton’s research and work on Robert Heberton Terrell’s biography. 

[30:38] Thanks for listening! Don’t miss part two of my interview with Dr. Stephen Middleton!

Information Shared in the Podcast:

Dr. Fuhrman - Eat to Live Author - Possibility Man Podcast Episode

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Dr. Stephen Middleton


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