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Episode #87 - Grow Strong Leaders with Meredith Bell

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Did you know that the human brain will forget about 90% of what is learned in a one-time training or course? Imagine, you’ve sent your top leaders to a conference, they come back fired up and ready to implement, but a month later, nothing new has happened. Why do you think that is?

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Overview of Episode #87 --- 

  • The secrets and common misperceptions about what it takes to become a strong leader.
  • The interpersonal skills that most increase awareness, appreciation, and compassion.
  • The benefits of Peer Coaching and how it helps change behavior/grow strong leaders.

This exact topic was why I wanted to bring on Meredith Bell. She’s spent her career helping to build and grow strong leaders who effect true change and create cohesive and engaged teams. She’s even written a couple of books on the subject. 

You see what’s missing from your typical leadership training is the ongoing accountability and check-ins that are needed to make those new skills stick. Which is why she discusses how you can implement ongoing training and growth programs to help your leaders build the most important soft skills. 

For instance, listening. Beyond simply hearing what another person is saying to you, it’s important to understand what they’re trying to convey. To do that you have to actively listen to them. Without judgment. Without the desire to create a response. Without crafting the perfect rebuttal. This is one of the hardest skills to master and it takes a significant amount of intentional development. 

Listen as Meredith shares so many fantastic nuggets you can use to start growing strong leaders in your own organization. Ongoing coaching and development is an integral part of building a well-balanced, tight-knit team that not only functions but thrives. Meredith’s work will help you do just that.

In this episode: 

[00:03:31] Welcome to the Wake Up Eager Workforce Meredith!

[00:04:33] One of the biggest misconceptions about leadership training and future performance.

[00:06:50] Does this same misconception apply to all skills? 

[00:08:14] How can we start incorporating ongoing leadership training and skills day to day? 

[00:10:42] Follow up and accountability are so important to skill and information retention. 

[00:13:36] How did Meredith choose the ten skills she discussed in Connect With Your Teams?

[00:16:34] What does it mean to listen to understand? 

[00:20:50] Is there a way to know when you’re mastering a new skill? 

[00:25:23] How to use coaching as leadership and build stronger, more strategic employees. 

[00:31:41] Is there one particular skill that’s more difficult to work on than others? 

[00:35:08] We can rationalize the belief that someone will realize they need to change, but without a true conversation and accountability, change is unlikely. 

[00:38:18] What triggered the desire to write about peer coaching? 

[00:43:12] The more you work with a peer coach the more you’re building your leadership skills to work with the rest of your team. 

[00:45:44] Meredith shares the tech resources she’s created to help facilitate peer coaching and leadership skill building. 

[00:50:19] Who has most influenced Meredith in her career? 

[00:52:24] What does Meredith do to support her mind, body, and spirit? 

[00:56:12] Learn what she’d tell her younger self. 

[00:57:40] Where would she put a billboard saying her best advice? 

[00:59:20] What would Meredith like people to remember from this conversation? 

[01:01:10] Suzie shares her final thoughts.

[00:52:06] Takeaway wisdom from John.

[00:53:41] My top 12 takeaways from the episode today!

[01:00:55] Thanks for joining us on The Wake Up Eager Workforce Podcast!

Information Shared in the Podcast:

Contact Suzie for Organizational and Individual 360 Feedback Surveys

Avoid These Thirteen 360 Feedback Mistakes

Connect with Your Team: Mastering the Top Ten Communication Skills by Meredith Bell & Dennis Coates

Peer Coaching Made Simple: How to Do the Six Things That Matter Most When Helping Someone Improve a Skill by Meredith Bell & Dennis Coates

Connect with Meredith:

Grow Strong Leaders

Grow Strong Leaders Podcast




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