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Podcast Episode #8:
360 Degree Feedback

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Overview of Episode #8 ---

  • What can go wrong with 360 Degree Feedback - Why Greg Said He'd Never Use It
  • What can go right with 360 Degree Feedback - Why Greg Decided to Try It Again and the Results and Two Things Companies Should Ask and Answer, BEFORE They Do This
  • How To Tips for Debriefing the Results with a Leader and the Leader's Manager
  • What Are Blind Spots and How Greg Handles Them
  • A Success Story, Tools and Resources for Debriefing/ Coaching and What You Have to Have to Be a Great Coach

Topic #1: About Greg Gregory and What Can Go Wrong with 360 Degree Feedback

Timing on Recording: @ 1:48 ---

Timing on Recording: @ 4:35 ---

  • Greg Gregory's background and why his company is Christopher Management Consultants

Timing on Recording: @ 7:40 ---

  • What Greg did not like about 360 degree feedback:
     - Saw bad results when there was no follow up
     - Without context and support people narrow in on (and get stuck around) negative feedback
     - In one situation - the person was singled out, her results were never reviewed with her and she was devastated by the results

Topic # 2: Why Greg Decided to Give 360 Degree Feedback a Try, and What Happened.  Plus, Two Things You Have to Know Up Front

Timing on Recording: @  13:00 ---

  • Greg likes these features in the 20/20 Insight tool that Suzie provides:
    - Ability to tailor and customize the Survey to the situation
    - Being able to see scoring trends and uncover blind spots
    - Raters can add comments after every numerical score, these comments make for solid coaching moments and conversations
    - Recommendations for Development provided within 20/20 Insight are helpful
    - Summary Questions at the end
  • Results - two situations: one where 360 feedback did not make a difference, and one where it did make a difference

Timing on Recording: @  24:00 ---

  • Two Questions every company should ask and answer before committing to 360 Feedback:
    1)  Why are you doing this?  (If the answer is to help the person, you are on track.)
    2)  What is your plan for debriefing, coaching and accountability?  (You have to have a full plan for follow up and encouragement.)
  • When companies should and should not use 360 degree feedback

Greg Gregory's Favorite Definition of Leadership:
"Leadership is the art of mobilizing others to want to struggle for shared aspiration."

Topic #3: How To Steps for Debriefing and What's a Blind Spot?

Timing on Recording: @ 34:00 ---

  • Greg's How-To Steps for Debriefing:
    -  Allows 1.5 hours for the debrief and conduct sit face-to-face
    -  Has the supervisor in the meeting
    -  He gives the Person being rated and his/her's Manager the report the day before
    -  Marks up the Results with notes and comments (in advance)
    -  Reviews results and asks questions and discusses highlights
    - Goal is to set up for a discussion about what's next and @ action steps that will be considered
    - Make the action steps measurable, if at all possible
    - Subtle in his coaching of the Person's manager or supervisor
  • Suzie's Article: Top Thirteen 360 Degree Feedback Mistakes

Timing on Recording: @ 40:13 ---

  • Blind Spots - Parts of our nature or personality that we are not aware of...
    - Look for these prior to the debrief meeting
    - Uplifting ones and negative
    - Preparing ahead of time, especially for the negative ones - how to give the truth and be kind and helpful

Timing on Recording: @ 52:21 ---

  • Topic #4: Success! Favorite Development Resources for Coaching
    - Story about person being coached was promoted and Greg was invited to the promotion announcement
    - It takes time to change behaviors and soft skills, typical engagement 40 sessions in a year, approximately 1 hour a week.
    - "Have to go where the person is..."
    - Often times people need help with understanding key leadership principles
    - Likes John Maxwell books on leadership, as well as Colin Powell
    - "Coaches and consultants have to have audacity and courage..."
    - Greg's favorite definition of leadership,
    "Leadership is the art of mobilizing others to want to struggle for shared aspiration."
  • Contact information for Greg Gregory, Christopher Management Consultants:
    - phone 678-513-1081
    - email

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