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Podcast Episode #45:
Getting New Hires to Stay   

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Overview of Episode #45 --- 

  • The biggest mistakes leaders make with new hires.
  • The best actions leaders can take to keep new hires on board and productive.
  • Innovative ideas that her organization has implemented to improve engagement and retention. 

Contact Judy Simmons:

Timing on Recording: @ 8:49  ---

Topic 1: Welcome; Getting to Know Judy Simmons.

  • Tell us your favorite guilty pleasure TV show(s): Anything on HGTV.
  • Tell us your favorite possession(s): Our dogs, Rider and Leah.

Timing on Recording: @ 13:52  ---

Topic 2: Some of the biggest mistakes leaders make with their new hires.

  • Leaders really need to spend time with new hires as they enter the organization to get to know them and understand where their strengths are, what their goals are so you can help them to quickly align with your goals and your firm/company's goals.
  • Leaders need to help new hires understand the expectations that they have of them so that they can deliver on those expectations and have a mission right away.
  • Leaders need to check in on a regular basis, daily, to make sure that their new hire is still on track.
  • One size does NOT fit all…get to know your new hire as an individual.
  • Take your new hire to lunch the first day.
  • Remember it starts from the very first contact in the employment application process. How was your new hire treated in that process?

Timing on Recording: @ 19:00  ---

Topic 3: Top tools and tips and tricks.

  • Get to your new hire early and making sure that you have good communication with them from the very start is really important.
  • Try to do your onboarding process in smaller bites, rather than all-day or multi-day.
  • Make sure that your new hire is prepared for the first day of work – Let them know what to expect.
  • Find ways to introduce your employees to the larger group; lunch, scavenger hunt.
  • Monthly social gathering for all new hires for that month.
  • Assign buddies.
  • Assign an advocate to every new hire, in addition to the manager.
  • Getting away from the review process and focus on career planning.

Timing on Recording: @ 25:54  ---

Topic 4: What are some things you have seen best leaders do around new hires?

  • Frequent check-ins.
  • Give honest feedback, have open dialogue.

Timing on Recording: @ 27:58  ---

Topic 5: How to help leaders have open dialogue.

  • Role play a discussion.
  • Have focus groups.
  • Encourage your new hire to calendar time with managers, every month, every quarter, whatever is ideal for them to touch base and career plan.

Timing on Recording: @ 32:05  ---

Topic 6: “Small bites” of onboarding.

  • Focus on the welcome.
  • Allow employees to focus on getting settled.
  • Monday morning orientation.
  • Make sure new hires aren't walking around, scratching their head wondering where their desk, the bathroom or lunchroom is.
  • Build a seating chart.

Timing on Recording: @ 36:20  ---

Topic 7: 3 things you need to do with every new hire.

  • Reduce fear.
  • Increase their understanding of how they fit in the company, the role and the team.
  • Help them be productive quickly.

Timing on Recording: @ 38:10  ---

Topic 8: Secrets to making sure every leader is involved in the onboarding process.

  • Make sure each leader has one-on-one time with their new hire by organizing a lunch or small group conversation.
  • “If you're observant, you'll learn all the time.”
  • Importance of forming a steering committee.

Timing on Recording: @ 43:01  ---

Topic 9: Best and worst hiring experiences.

  • 24 hour organizations should find a way to make sure that their night shift employees have a definite connection to their managers and fellow employees.
  • Be engaged early on, make sure new hires are challenged and make sure that they have a vision and that there's something they can contribute to you right away.

Timing on Recording: @ 46:36  ---

Topic 10: Close.

  • Your billboard – “Treat others as you want to be treated,” whether they are your top performer or an underperformer. 
  • Advice you would give your 25 year-old self about your career and being a leader -  “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” 
  • One last bit of advice/wisdom you'd like every leader to take away about new hires and retention – “Read about things that might not be in your particular profession, build your Business Acumen, build your leadership development resource library.” “Perform stay interviews.”

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