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Do You Drink Green
Smoothie's All Day? Are You Eating Regular Food Too?

by Fran

Hey Suzie, Do you eat raw food and/or Green Smoothie's only? Or do you eat 'regular' food too?

I like the idea of this but I am not interested in a 'raw food only' diet. Will I notice a difference if I only do the Smoothies? Your thoughts?



Hey Fran,

I am like you, not all that interested in a raw food diet.

My goals are: to feel the best I can mentally, emotionally and physically while living a full and enjoyable life!

So for me, that includes eating 'good' food often, plus the Green Smoothies.

The 'good' food, for my household includes a lot of the recipes and ideas found in the Body for Life and Eating for Life books by Bill Phillips, and the info I share in my five part series on a healthy breakfast.

I find the Green Smoothies (which I have been drinking consistently---every day---for 11 months now!!):

  • train my taste toward healthy selections

  • satisfy my hunger

  • keep me very healthy and lean (NO weight gain and NO colds/flu, etc)

  • even-out my moodiness

  • and for me, the best Guidance of all that this is right for me - is that EVERY time I make a Green Smoothie and drink it, I feel a feeling of happiness or internal zippy-ness!(<--is that a word?)

If you get started with Green Smoothies, come back here and let everyone here know what you notice for yourself, okay? Also, holler if you have questions.

Thanks a bunch for participating in the Wake Up Eager Community.

All the Best, and More!

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