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Podcast Episode #14:
Being a Best Boss

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Overview of Episode #14 ---

Hear from former Vice President of Human Resources executive Dr. Randy Reece, a student of leadership, share his insights and wisdom with no agenda.  (He doesn’t have a book or program to sell, he just wants to help out.)

Find out about:

  • What Square One leadership is and how Randy used this to be a best boss. 
  • Why Randy asks questions to generate conflict and how questioning can improve engagement.
  • One question that Randy asks every candidate in leader interviews. 
  • The difference between delegating, dumping and dropping. 
  • 4 top Barriers to being a great leader. 
  • How to Overcome Being a Gutless Leader and How to Become More Strategic.

Contact Dr. Randy Reece:

  • Email:

Timing on Recording: @ 2:50 ---

Topic #1:  About Chattahoochee Technical College and How I Met Dr. Randy Reece

  • Overview on Chattahoochee Technical College
  • One of Randy's past employees, Beth Zullo, tells us why he has been her best boss

Timing on Recording: @  11:41 ---

Topic # 2: Dr. Randy Reece's Background - Fun and Interesting Questions to Get to Know More About Him

  • Why his favorite guilty pleasure TV show is  The Bachelor and Bachelorette
  • His favorite possession: His father’s  car the car he used to learn how to drive
  • His most challenging moment as a leader
  • Square one leadership
  • His most rewarding moments as a leader.
  • One thing – most people do not know about Randy

Timing on Recording: @ 33:44  ---

Topic #3: My Journey to Leadership and Why Questioning to Create Some Conflict is a Good Thing

  • More about Randy's journey
  • Why Randy asks a lot of questions
  • How conflict creates better ideas
  • Something HR people should be doing
  • How to not put fence around people and keep people engaged
  • Why leaders struggle with micromanaging and why you should change

Timing on Recording: @  50:56 ---

Topic #4: The One Question Randy Always Asks and Some of His Belief Statements About Leadership

  • Favorite Question: Tell me what trust means to you.
  • A Strongly Held Belief:  The vast number of employees want to do a good job.
  • Another Strongly Held Belief:  A small percentage of employees want to do an outstanding job.  The really good leaders are the ones who can help people move from good to great.
  • One of the best lessons he learned from a past boss...
  • Looking at each work experience as though it an opportunity for an apprenticeship

Timing on Recording:  @ 1:01:00  ---

Topic #5: The Difference Between Delegating, Dumping and Dropping

  • The difference between providing a safety net and micromanaging
  • How to allow people to get close to falling through the safety net so that they grow and take ownership

Timing on Recording: @ 1:08:30 ---

Topic #6:  Greatest Influences on Randy’s leadership Life and Recommendations to Help Other Leaders

  • Find an advocate
  • Formal education
  • Always understand there is more to learn, always be learning
  • Authors: John Maxwell and Patrick Lencioni (Get a complimentary audio book download with 30 day trial, at Audible.  Use my affiliate link and look up Patrick Lencioni or John Maxwell: )
  • Gallup Organization Research (Podcast #13 Four Skills , go to 21:15 on the recording.)

Timing on Recording: @ 1:17:14  ---

Topic #7: Barriers to Great Leadership

  • Micromanaging
  • Me-Centered leader 
  • Gutless Leader
  • Lack of Strategic Thinking and Strategic Action

Timing on Recording: @ 1:10:13  ---

Topic #8:  How to Overcome Being a Gutless Leader and How to Become More Strategic

  • Have guiding principles to make decision making easier. 
  • Make more decisions.
  • Go through the strategic thinking process by tackling an easier decision first and make sure that there is a good result to build confidence in your decisions, even if they are not popular.
  • Do your homework.  Answer these questions with trusted team members.(Especially important for Human Resource people.)
             Why are we doing this?
             What are the alternatives?
             What are the implications?

Timing on Recording: @ 1:28:20 ---

Topic #9:  Closing Questions

  • The person that comes to mind when Randy hears the word: Successful
  • What Randy would put on a billboard
  • What advice would you give your 30-year old self?
       -Think strategically
       -Decide what you want to get out of your career and make that your overriding mission
       -Be patient and observe - Then think, act and plan strategically
      -OPA – Observe, Plan, Act

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